They've Broken into the Zoo Again... They're Doing Handbrake Turns on a Giraffe.


Episode 280 is now live, ladies and gents. With snacktime temporarily averted, Julian and the girls can concentrate on more pressing matters, like escape! Which, as it turns out, is pretty easy if you've got the right tools. Take, for example, this humongous, hairy can opener.

I was amused to find referral links from an article for something called Marshmallow Hell. I wasn't aware there was actually a name for the act of smothering a person with one's boobs. Thank you, Internet!

The whole world seems to get crazier every day. It's not really all that surprising, though, since being stressed out, over-medicated, and chronically tired is now considered "normal". Some days it seems like the most dangerous thing you can do is walk out the front door.



This is gonna be an extra good one I can feel it. The Preview has me excited.


Btw, the first comment you got above is a spam...

Finally I have my Internet back! I couldn't handle knowing there was a new OHP and I couldn't read it!

I just found out that my school had a teacher named Mr. D'bo. He just recently left this year for reasons unknown. I'm both slightly concerned, distinctly amazed, and curious if there are more D'bos out there than one might think... What are you plotting with my life, GD?!

The second panel is my favorite; the expressions are perfect haha.

Private Tannik is adorable when distressed.

"Splak", however, is a foreboding kind of sound effect, like organic stuff rupturing.

IT was not obvious. I thought she was the Brains of the party.

Glad to see another page.

Hooray for more OHP!

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