The Metal in My Head Clangs and Clings as I Walk.


Episode 279 is now available for your viewing pleasure. This is just not Jinny's day! Being handed over to the D'bo Sisters is generally considered cruel and unusual punishment, on account of them both being cruel and unusual people. While dessert plans appear to have been put on hold, it's arguable that being eaten alive would've been more humane than the alternative. Prince Julian to the rescue?

That was a long gap between pages, I'm gonna try to fix that.

Does anyone play Killing Floor? I think it's awesome. I've sort of had a falling out with RPGs and RPG-like games in recent years, owing largely to the fact that I just don't have the time to play 80-hour games (or in the case of MMOs... infinite-hour games), especially when something boring like level grinding is a fundamental part of the experience. But for some reason, grafting stat leveling onto an arcade-style first-person shooter speaks to me in a way that surprised me a little. Eliminating cross-hairs and requiring the iron sights for aiming makes everything so deliciously hectic. Not for everyone, but if you don't mind a little brutal difficulty...


@ Anon: Or better yet, just have everyone bite everyone else's fingers, and have one huge thirty-person fling at the end of it all. Even Pinky and Tongue-thing there can get in on it.

Of course, having a few dozen spouses would probably make it impossible to get company-provided healthcare... Good thing Julian's a prince!

I second the "flee back to earth" proposal!
Perhaps Julian should bite Jinny's index finger so the D'bo sisters *can't* do anything to her; I'm all in favor of making the relationship flowchart increasingly complicated as time goes on. :D

Private Tannik Oekaki. YES.

I'm officially putting in a request for Private Tannik Oekaki.


Big Purple there looks like she just wants to fit in. Or her tongue does. Maybe both.

Killing Floor can be fun, especially on some of the clever custom maps that have been made. And really the stat grind isn't that bad: 5,000 headshots can just seem to fly by.

Killing floor was made by Tripwire, the red orchestra guys! much love. I met John, the president, at a con and he's a really cool guy.

that said i actually haven't played killing floor yet. i was a bit surprised to hear about it, and it seems really unlucky; first COD2 stole their thunder (as they put it), and now they get the shaft from L4D.

I'm officially putting in a request for Private Tannik Oekaki.

Hohoho, oh D'bo sisters, you do make me smile and laugh.

I really have to admire Julian for being such a gentleman. Of course, I might have admired him a bit more if he'd acted the gentleman *after* a little probing had taken place.

I like Tannik. She should run away with Julian and the D'bos back to Earth. Or maybe their going to Hijack the ship? Unlikely but who knows? GD I guess. Can't wait for the next installment.

Tannik seems pretty sensitive, wonder if she's hiding something in that special place of hers. : P

Let's just hope she doesn't betray them or else she'll really be dessert.

Yay! This time, I didn't have to remind you about Pepito's cast! There's a first time for ev'ry thing!

Great, now you just created a script for a porn movie.

I ♥ OHP!

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