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Hey, Episode 281 is now up! This one should answer any lingering questions about what would cause such a squishy sound effect on the last page. A lucky break for the gang; a whole lot of not-so-lucky breaks for the fella on guard duty. Rule number one when guarding extremely dangerous criminals: don't stand anywhere near the door.

Since BuzzComix appears to have died forever, I switched OHP over to a new toplist after the last comic page went up. You folks did some serious voting since then! Keep fighting the good fight, net warriors!

Our two-thousand-and-ninth year is quickly drawing to a close. It's been kind of a disappointing run for me in terms of comic output, what with the practically monthly update schedule and all. I've been pretty happy with the art quality, but this glacial pace will not stand. My new year's resolution is to ramp up the productivity again; if not immediately back to weekly, at least something a little less excruciating. I'll be heading out of town for the last two weeks of December, but I'll try my damnedest to get one more page and the yearly holiday special ready before then. Wish me luck!


You sir, and or madam and awesome.

Thank you for making my friday awesome. Your comic pairs well with gunnerkrigg and Deadwinter like fine wine.

That's just Tannik's belly button, guys.

Anyway, Big Missy here doesn't have to go hungry now.

Really love this...nice one

There'll be Oekaki in this news post I can feel it!

Oh sweet OHP. How I missed thee. But now you are here and all is well in the World again.

@hurf durf: it's not the jacket changing, it's her posture. Near as I can tell, shoulder lift goes from max to min between panels 4 and 5.

Also, yay!

sorry for the triple comment, my router fucked up.

is she still naked from the waist down? damn variable-length jacket. humbly requesting naughty version of panel 4 or last panel

Oh man, this is the best Christmas gift ever.

Nice update. I hope Julian gives the PFC other reasons to stop slouching into that jacket, heh.

Awesome as always GD. I noticed in Panel 4 that Tannik has lost her underwear ;) Woo!

Now I know what did you mean with "splank".

Yay, an update!!! So... The Private will be half naked the whole guide around the ship? Perv...

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