Tearin' Through the Paper Walls of Time.


Episode 278 is now live! Life is tough when you're big, red and constantly hungry. There you are, just having lunch like a normal monster, when all of a sudden people with guns and funny hats start shouting at you and demanding you stop eating their colleagues. Of course, you'd like to simply ignore them and continue your meal in peace, but they're just not having any of it. You'd try explaining yourself between mouthfuls, but some things always seem to get lost in the translation...

I am now back in the Bay Area. I was in Santa Barbara for a few days doing a lot of food eating and wine drinking, both of which were extremely enjoyable. I have a weakness for beaches and all things delicious.

Noka sent in this cute pic featuring Ruby and her character Drilsa! Ruby has been temporarily bested in heavy lifting, although that's not a title she'll be relinquishing without a fight... consider the challenge accepted! Thanks again, miss!


Some text did change a while ago. This was mostly to correct some grammar and speech bubble order issues, and in a few cases to break up some pretty gross wall-of-text problems (especially in some of the earlier pages, which had massive bubbles that really broke up the flow). A side effect was that a few lines and jokes got rewritten, because I can't leave well enough alone.

Ruby's dialogue has also seen a few revisions, because I didn't think her accent was coming through clearly enough. I still think it needs some work.

So, I've been reading back through the archives and....GD, are you going back and changing text? Because some lines I distinctly remember have been altered.

Awww... It really isn't fair, you know. Why can't we just genetically infuse every species in the universe with the DNA of a species capable of amazing and rapid regenerative abilities? That way, whenever people like her get hungry, they can tear off a chunk of somebody and chow down, then - *poof!* - two seconds later the meal donor is as good as new!

AH! I haven't checked this in months (thought it died) so it's SO NICE to see updates! :)

Hey! To give an argument on the D'bo's behalf, it isn't TECHNICALLY cannibalsim. They are of two different alien species, after all~

Keep up the good work, GD!

It's Precious Roy's favourite!

Three things:

1) It is great to see the comic under way again! There's something about the last few pages that feels very on-point; casual threats and other exchanges concerning violent and/or immoral acts, held in situations where people really should be focusing on getting out alive, hearken back to some of the best bits in the earlier chapters that got the comic into my bookmarks list in the first place. I have high hopes for the pages ahead!

2) Kudos on having an ugly monster that appears to have no redeeming characteristics be female. Somebody has to continue the species!

3) This is totally random, but I keep thinking that Ruby Maxim, decked out in all her gear, would be a great inspiration for a Robot Master in a Megaman game.

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