Feel Superior to the Opponent, Regardless of the Latter's Size or Evidence of Strength.


With that, Episode 275, and this chapter's over! The prince seems to be a real alien monster magnet these days. While Pinky may have been handily dispatched with a well-placed remote control, this one may require even more finesse (and maybe a snack?). Don't be scared, Julian! It's just looking for a nosh.

Thanks for being patient, alla youse. The next chapter will be starting up pretty soon; I'm gonna try to build up a tiny reservoir of pages so updates can happen a little more regularly. In the meantime, I'm also gonna try to get at least a few oekaki going. Maybe some OHP stuff, too? Probably!

And thanks for reading! Check back again soon!


My furious masturbation helped awaken you.

Hazzah, or maybe it was Fallout 3?

Ha Ha!! I knew it he would come back. By the way loved the Pic of Rubby, she is one of my fav. characters.

That reminds me of a Haiku really.
Giant Chinese man.
Robot that's fifty feet tall.
I run for my life.

RUBY OEKAKI!!!!! Oh Heaven.

Knowing his affinity for the mysterious, it was probably the country of Dickpenisbutt.

Maybe he went to a trip around the world to get some ideas for the new strip...

And some natives of "putacountryhere" kidnaped him...

And now he is some kind of god for them...
You know how late gods can do strips... If they do any.

I actually know what he's doing, I do backlogs of a whole month's worth, and that really takes time! His is a hand drawn comic, so that probably takes even longer.

good things come to those who wait

GD, you are causing massive amounts of disappoint.

I hope you know that.

Well the search was a failure! Alton started making waffles from scratch, and that was the end of that!


correction... Re: ZERODIN

Re: xxLord

Naaaah... I bet GD has his bong sitting next to his computer. So. after he gets home from work; he sits down to upload - takes a rip. he checks his email - takes a rip. reads his favorite webcomics - takes a rip. looks at fearsome - takes a rip. takes a rip - takes a rip. Then he gets hungry, and gets up to eat. Travels to his local Mc. Donald's or Waffle House, gets his munchie on, and goes back to his place... As he walks by his computer, he takes one more look at his bong, smiles, and heads in to his bedroom to sleep... repeat process, and voila!

the last time i saw this comic or this website was probably three years ago
i have some major catching up to do.
but i'm glad nothing has changed

Guys, I think I know what happened here.
GD was RIGHT about to upload a new page, when suddenly he had to go poop...but while in the bathroom, he fell in. So he's trapped in there!

I suggest we form a rescue party composed of myself, the girl who runs "The Intrepid Girlbot", and Food Network's Alton Brown.

I still have faith that the update will show up some day..........I'm checking this page everyday, just in case. You are awesome men, know it.

OHP is a pretty cool guy, it needs to update and doesn't afraid of anything.


He's on Hiatus. You can't rush Genius.

Great comic. Stumbled on this comic really. I know you're either busy or something, but when is the next comic going to be out, it's been 25 days.

That tongue would put every lesbian I know to shame.

That is the pinkest looking rancor I have ever seen.

I kinda want it to rape Julian tenderly.


Dirty thought: pubic hair clumps or a couple of little dongs?

And pink is an underrated colour.

the tounge...{insert bad thoughts}...twitch twitch

Thems some tiny feets.


Also, I gotta say, am I the only one getting the pink theme here?

Dude, it looks like Krug from VG Cats...

It looks almost cute...

It looks even tastier than nasty hobbitses!

Juuuliiiiaaannnn! D:

we are venom

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