Fifteen Minutes Before the Last Hour's Up We Can Neutralize the Charges with X-Rays.


Without further ado, Episode 274; just one more page left in this chapter! Julian once again finds himself in free-fall after rubbing Commander Dhin the wrong way. And while hurtling downward through the darkness may be unpleasant for obvious reasons, what's waiting for him at the bottom might be even worse. Or maybe that's just where they store bones on Garritan vessels. It's a mystery!

A new oekaki was posted over at Fearsome, in case you haven't seen it already. BUT IS IT ART?

Anyone else played Zeno Clash? I'm crazy about this thing. It's like something straight out of Heavy Metal. Cool characters and wild art design... I wish more games were even half as creative. Looks like these dudes are even starting up a webcomic to fill in some of the blanks... awesome! I'm ready for more, ACE Team!


I downloaded Zeno Clash because of what you wrote about it. It's amazing! I ordered a copy of it today gonna take a while to get to this side of the planet. I can't wait! It Reminds of a game that Shiny would have made like Sacrifice or MDK. Original game play ideas backed up by original Story and Art.

I think I am going to go play it right now.

Lemme guess, Julian gets eaten by Gabel?

I love Zeno Clash as well, it's the best indie game I've played in a long while. Wonderfully strange visuals. Apparently ACE Team raked in enough money to start working on a more full-fledged sequel, with "large explorable environments and RPG elements".

Suggested additional dialogue for panel 4:

COMMANDER: See? You're learning already.


Yeah, well maybe it would be redundant, but I thought it was a funny idea.

A Rancor pit? Really?

Julian's face as he's falling is priceless. Love it.


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