Warm on the Inside.


Hello again, folks! Chapter 9 has begun for some reason. I know! I'm as shocked as you are, believe me. Julian is in a bit of a pickle, since he happens to look exactly like a snack. Is this the squishy end to a proud life? Or has a higher power answered Julian's collect call?

It's been a strange couple of months. I'm not really sure where my mind's been, but the odometer says I've put a few miles on. I've been keeping busy with introspection, brainstorming, falling in love, working pointless overtime hours, and madly chiseling away at an artistic block. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Unless you were impatient and decided to leave forever, in which case you're not actually reading this.

An oekaki happened while I was away. Don't peek at work!


Rawk! Really glad to see the comic updated. And if any reasons to take a break are good ones, then they are probably introspection and love, right? :)

Can't wait to see what happens next!

NEEEEEEEEEED COMICCCCCCCCCCCCC!!! nah take all the time you want GD. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. OH MY GAWD!

Ah! Thanks GD! Now I can stop wondering and enjoy the comic. Not that I wasn't before.

This made my night. GD is the wind beneath my diseased and twiggy chicken wings.

Yay! He's back and the comic's started again!

Also, I think I asked this before but I'm not sure anyone said anything.

All cast is 'human' right? Well, then why do they have animal ears and tails? Anyone?

Again, I love the comic, and I'm so happy it's back! Can't wait to see whoes come to our favorite prince charmings rescue!

You sir, have made my Monday.

QUICK!! Chain him so he wont escape again!!!

Nah, it is good to see you and your comic again. I will wait for the next strip.

Welcome back, GD.

YEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHHH! OHP! Arggle Garrgle oooh! That's the stuff yeah just inject those pixels right into my eye balls and then send it right between my Brain Cheeks. BAM! Oooooooooh... OHP gooooooood...

WOOT! Update! Any bets as to who's at the door?

Um GD, I sent an email to your "gdk AT gd-kun DOT net" account a while back. Did you get it?

As always, patience pays off. Thanks! I love this comic.

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