You Now Have the Option to Terminate and Be Cremated on the Premises.


Episode 273 is up! Julian realizes a little too late that he might be in over his head. Rule Number One when dealing with mysterious masked men: don't be legally married to someone they hate. This is a good practice to keep in mind even when dealing with normal, run-of-the-mill people who might be trying to kill you. Just don't do it.

One of these days I'd like to wrap up a chapter without limping across the finish line. Will it ever happen? Truly a mystery for the ages.


You're so amazing at drawing hands. Just had to say that.

Tho your a little slow on the updates this story is still so worth it!! I can only wonder what will happen with Julian and his D'bo wife later on in the story(tho if any thing does happen i'm betting that her sister would go insane and try and tear his guts out)

He's moving his hands upwards in a brisk motion, perhaps causing an upwind which caused the tear of cloth to flip too and cover the hole for a millesecond? The same millesecond GD used to draw the panel?

Julian's shirt is missing the rip in the last panel.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! OHP! yes! You are a genius and all that. YES!!!

Oh, so the last panel is supposed to look like that?

also, it's 'gallivanting', unless it's said differently in outer space by other races =P

"We are married, but it's because their race marries an insane way...

Besides, we haven't gone on our honeymoon."

Good luck, Julian. :P

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