Damn My Luggage All to Hell!


Episode 270 is now ready for your consumption! While a de facto divorce maybe be a great reason to celebrate, the girls seem to have forgotten a certain somebody. You know, that Prince Somebody! This might call for a jump cut.

So like, Rin gave me this fantastic Ruby gift the other day! So fantastic and adorable, in fact, that it needed to be shared with all of you. Even her nail polish is adorable! Thanks again! You totally made my day.

Been playing Street Fighter IV on my breaks at work. I must admit, I was expecting something as technical as SF III, but the streamlined play style is not unwelcome (though focus attacks are gonna take some getting used to...). The graphical polish is impressive, without a doubt; the "oh shit" face characters make during the wind-up for an ultra combo they didn't quite block may be my new favorite Street Fighter Thing. I wish folks online would pick someone other than Akuma, though.


GD you've been screaming for a week now, I can't sleep with this racket going on

Huuuuhhn. That's some mighty fine fanart, and to think I liked Ruby BEFORE?

Well, more like her body with whatever mind's in it... ooooh weeeeelll :3

Keep up the good work, love your comic, been watching it for a looong time now.

Alright GD, I'm a huge fan o' yers, and just got around to commenting. It's not that I had nuffin better to do, I'm just a procrastinator. Hehehe. Anyways, got any advice on which game I should grab? You seem a sensible gamer, so I have t'ask, should I get Soul Calibur 4 or The Force Unleashed? They both seem pretty cool, but I wanted a second decent opinion. Thanks. Oh, and I lol'd so much on the last three panels XD

But doesn't Rika already know? Because she was RIGHT THERE when it happened.

Awesome job, as always. Finally I can stop incessantly checking for updates at work (for now, haha)

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