Maybe Next Time, Steve.


Comic time! Episode 269 is up. Ruby-in-Mai is force-fed a slice of humble pie, but emerges from the ordeal with friendship intact. With a ceasefire called, maybe everyone can get back to more pressing matters... like figuring out where the rest of the gang has disappeared to! But first, some unabashed gloating, reveling, and relishing.

I've been scribbling in some oekaki canvases. I'll try to get a picture or two done this week and next. So much for spacing them out by a year! Take THAT, predisposition to procrastination!

I'm obsessed with Mirror's Edge. I picked up the PC version earlier in the week because I wanted to see if I'd like it more with traditional KB&M controls and some snazzy PhysX effects thrown in. Like wow, man. No more deaths fighting with the analogue sticks! Now if I could just scrub away this dirty feeling I get from enjoying an EA game...


Im curious about your impression of mirrors edge PC. having found absolutely no appeal in the console demo, I didn't think twice about it ever again :/ Admittedly, my disdain was all superficial. I just didn't like all the gwen stefani look alikes, and thought the visuals were unique but irritating. it all seemed so forced, too, like i was supposed to feel cool because i was some anti-establishment package runner sticking it to the man... but i was some stylin asian chick that didn't even wear more than one glove to cling to ledges? might as well wear a nike logo while i sling molotovs etc. etc. well fine.

anyway, as far as appreciating EA games, it HAS been suggested that they've suffered enormous losses due to all quantity no quality games, and as such are supposed to be slowing down a bit. i must say, though, that Skate (EA black box i think) is an impressive title, worth the money, and more power to them for finally showing up tony hawk, and pushing the genre in a fresh direction.

CAN'T... WAIT!!!

"like figuring out where the rest of the gang has disappeared to!"


So if a pair of aliens had introduced themselves to me by preparing to cook and eat me, then I found myself married to one by the inexplicable signal of finger-biting, which I play along with because they're crazy and apocalyptically dangerous, then the other one was not-so-subtly threatening me regarding my honesty in this marriage...

If by some miracle they got nabbed up and taken away with minimal damage to my planet, short of Stockholm syndrome, I dunno if I'd be all that interested in finding out where they went... unless I was dingle-bob-whipped.

when does the new episode come i cant wait 0.o

I looked it up and found this on yahoo answers:

That would be so awesome. I would really love to see a time lapse video of OHP.

Ya know with a little elbow grease this could be made into a flash animation. *Hint hint*

Could you do one of those time lapse videos of a comic being drawn Maybe? That would be so cool and informative. I recently bought a Wacom tablet to start drawing my comic again and it's turning out great but I would love to see how you go about it!

Aww, poor Ruby needs some loves. Then again, she was kind of a bitch about this whole body switching thing. I like how it turned out, she got her just desserts, but still has a second chance.

"Where Mai comes from tears are considered a delicay"

Where is Mai from? First person view games are so much better on the PC. The analogue stick is a torture device for FPSs.

I haven't played mirror's edge I heard it gives people motion sickness.

You do some good facial expressions GD. I don't mean your facial expressions literally as I ain't seen your gurning mug but the ones you draw.

Lounging shots are the best

Simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone...

Your Writing is really good too. I never know what the next installment of OHP will bring. I think we need a cut to Julian or the D'bos. Then again I can't get enough of Ruby... Hmmmmmm.

Can't wait for the next episode!

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