No More Mr. Passive Resistance.


We rejoin the pink-maned prince in Episode 271, which is now (finally) up. And we also get a look at the Commander sans mood lighting for the first time! Will wonders never cease. This chapter is almost over!

I've been battling with a creative block for about two months, now. I think it may have become dislodged this past weekend. New episode next week, maybe? It'd be nice to finally get back to a regular schedule.


I know they switch back to their original bodies ):

Gohma Dameon: He's a cartoon character, you don't fuggin' screw with the cartoon characters.

Hiya peoples! I've been reading for a while, but this is my first time posting.

Please spare me any virgin jokes.

I really like the comic and I'm glad to see that updates are on the up and up.

DonBob, I'd be inclined to think that the commander either bought the glass or received it as a gift. It almost certainly came from a shop regardless.

Where did he get that glass from anyway?

I know, I know... more science.

How are they drinking wine without a mouth hole in the mask?

looks like bewbs to me.
let it be known that if the Commander turns out to be a lady, I totally called it

...speaking of eights, this strip was apparently drawn last year? Some kind of time anomaly?

Good to see Julian, missed his royal mug.

Whoops, good catch! Ruby's now rocking an eight, like a good Strength.

Considering the Commanders neck and his mask I wonder how he is able to drink anything at all. Well okay, he might just use the glass to set a better atmosphere.

It's nice to see Julian once again and what he's up to, I miss my favorite Zukie though. (I always miss her when she's not in the strip)

Anyway, GD, I went through your cast list out of curiosity again and remembered the tarot cards... then I saw that Ruby and Julian have the same numbers.

I'm glad to see a new comic, and I'd also like to offer a tip on beating creative block. When I have trouble coming up with a topic,or have trouble finishing a story or essay, I listen to as much music and play as much videogames as possible. I hope that helps.

Well, this is interesting. Here I was, thinking it was Mr. Shady-Face's eye that was bionic.

The first thing that jumps to mind is he's Julian's displaced relative, but their tails are different.

Usurper? Usurpee?

Glad to hear you feel like your mojo's coming back, GD!

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