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For your consideration, Episode 262. What started off as an herbal adventure has suddenly found Mai and Rika on the business end of the law! And with Officer Friendly playing fast and loose with the rules, the girls had better find that Get Out of Jail Free card, and fast!

The update schedule continues to be a little spotty. I'm still pulling pretty long hours at the office; I wish I could say that my efforts there were not in vain, but with some of the titles we've been working on lately... yeesh. Makes me wish the days of the Dreamcast were still upon us. In an alternate universe, Sega still makes video games consoles! Not only that, but Sonic never went 3D.


I want Ruby! I want Ruby!! But seriously I really do feel your pain GD. Working is waaacky.

I foresee this concluding with the not-so-good constable being thwarted...thwarted with the powerful karates! ...indeed!

Don't get me wrong, I like the police, they provide a necessary function in our society, and most of em aren't half bad. But there are a few bad apples who give the rest a bad rap, like Officer Friendly here. I've actually had good experiences with police officers X3 I've even known one or two personally, and another one wrote the best fanfiction I've ever read, so trust me when I say I don't bash police, just the bad ones and the ones who cover for 'em.

Cops are just Morale Militia enforcing the arbitrary rules of the Village Elders who send anyone who isn't rich and famous who breaks their laws to prison for state sanctioned rape!

Hate cops? ^$&% THE POLICE!

i saw it as a nose first, so when i read the FAQ it just confused me further :r

Seems to be a lot of cop-bashing from commenters on this story. The Man must be making them his beeyatch an awful lot lately.

Still enjoying the story regardless. Keep it coming OHP.

From the gd?/FAQ part of the site...

"Q: What's the black thing on the side of everyone's face?
A: A shadow."

The More You Know ~*

This arc has been reinforcing the reasons I hate authority very well, I must say.

I think they might be noses, Zerodin. But really, they can be whatever you want them to be.

It's been driving me nuts, but what is that black thing on the side of everyone's faces?!

In an alternate universe, the concept of a high-speed racing 2D platformer video game was first realized not in a home console cartridge released in 1991 but way back in 1983, in the form of an upright arcade cabinet entitled "Dino Run", which was quickly buried by that year's infamous video game crash.

In this universe, the fine dimension-hopping folks from Pixeljam paddled up the time stream to retrieve the box's rom chips, then ported them into flash for the world to enjoy:

Holy heck is it good. It's the only game I can recall encountering that plays like the original 2D Sonic games. I can't figure how the old cabinet handled all the particle effects, though.

Heh, kick him between the legs and claim you were defending yourself from him because he was threatening to throw you in jail if you didn't let him have his way. Easy out since it plays the cards that police officers fear. Dirty cops, dirty cops taking advantage of the system, and proof of dirty cops taking advantage of the system (no reason to kick him there and stay for any other reason afterall, I mean if they were just trying to get away they would get away.)

Crush his skull like a melon Mai! I have to work late shifts now too I feel your pain GD.

Boned by a lone stoner.

Are you just gonna take that, girls?!

Ooooh he is SO getting his face smashed in! :D

i love the way you drew his uniform. all of the contours to the pleats and pockets, and the padded shoulders with the straps! so great!

I'm anticipating an imminent solid right hook, and a broken jaw. I don't think I need to say who'll be getting which.

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