I Want to Thank You, Loaded Gun.


Uh oh, it's Episode 261! Officer Friendly put his cards down on the table before Mai's plan gets the better of him. A night in the slammer seems to be looming, but there may still be a trick or two up those overcoat sleeves. Rika has lost her appetite for Chinese food for the moment.

I've been having my schedule at work flipped back, then forth, and finally back again for the past month, and it's been challenging trying to set aside time to draw. I think it'll be calming down from here on out, which will definitely help with maintaining a little more consistency in the update schedule. At least, I hope it will. A man can dream. On the plus side, I'm not working nights anymore.


Seriously? You think webcomics writers are too nice? I feel just the opposite. Give me some specific examples, please.

I'm not saying hardship-type characterization and/or development is bad, I'm just saying you can't use it nearly exclusively, which a lot of writers seem to do. And maybe 'hardship' isn't so much the right term as 'chaos'. Compare one terrible thing happening to form the plot of a whole novel- like say, in most of Michael Crichton's books- versus constant hijinks that eventually destroy the author's credibility as a plotter- like in Douglas Adams' H2G2. Characters need a breather from time to time- or even better, a nice slow warm-up at the start of the story. Otherwise the plot starts to shake itself apart, or the characters become so warped they alienate the readers.

For webcomics writers who are too tough, I'd point to Maritza Campos as the poster child. I stopped reading CRFH years ago because the endless sequence of horrors she visited on the cast became too improbable to believe- and I keep hearing that things are only getting worse. Another big example would be Pete Abrams, who was unable to resist his compulsion to keep throwing one disaster after another into Sluggy Freelance until readers started giving up on any plots actually being resolved and just stopped visiting the site.

There's a counterpoint to Vonnegut's advice that I think needs more attention: hitting your characters with one disaster after another may show what they are made of, but it won't show your readers what they are actually like. It's a form of destructive testing, and while firing a chicken out of a cannon at a stationary airplane will let you find out how the cockpit glass holds up in a bird strike, it won't tell you what BBQ chicken tastes like. Characterization does not equal hardship. You can learn a tremendous amount about a character just from seeing how they go through an ordinary week.

It was kind of a "Saw it coming" thing.
It felt a bit anti-climactic, but that's only because of the wait between comics.
That's because I expect too much from the next strip.

My comment was meant to be joking in tone, not deadly serious or a command! I speculate too. Often wrongly.

I see your and Autsa's point about speculation and now I think about it I agree with you both.

But it also seems to me that GD isn't likely to change the storyline over a few comments if that is even what you were worried about?

It's none of my business anyway so I don't know why I got into it. In future I will not comment on fellow commentorz.

But Autsa is right =O Instead of making your head explode trying to imagine what happens next, just wait and see =p


(What's with the orders Autsa? Chillify outz yer harshin' my buzz)

I just knew the :awesome: face was gonna show up at some point

Wow, Officer Friendly is that good.

Dudes! Don't speculate, just spectate! Let all the pieces fall in their own time.

Heh, now you know Ruby/Mai's not going to just stand there and do nothing about it. I mean come on she's half machine, and some jack*** just tricked her nearest and dearest friend into indecency and possession charges.

Damn u Officer Friendly.....DAMN U!!!!

A plot twist? Because it advances the story, while making it interesting; this being a vast improvement over three people sitting in a circle getting sleepy eyed, lazy, and hungry (something I see every day OUTSIDE of my comics).

Well that was pintless. Why trick the cop and all that jazz for two pages when he tricks them either way at the end? I hope mai/ruby kicks his annoying ass out of the comic.

I liked where this was going, now not so anymore. I still think this would be entrapment and any judge would throw it out of court. Comic solution, make Mai-Ruby rip out the pipe and beat Officer Friendly to win Rika's trust and possibly love.

Since i'm channeling the comic book guy from the simpsons already, I might as well add that I didn't like the retconning of Rika's weed usage back in the first strip. Having her be a new user would've opened up a bevy of possibilities for this arc.

I just wanted to see my two hobbies, OHP and weed, combine in a burst of awesomeness. =/

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