If There's a God, He is Laughing at Us (and Our Football Team).


Hello again, folks. Episode 263 has arrived and is now available for your viewing pleasure. Crisis temporarily averted, thanks to a bit of the old steam power! Surely just a little more elbow grease can solve a problem like this. Might want to light a fire under it though, girls; a friend of yours is still chilling out!

Hate falling into this bi-weekly routine, it really makes the story hit the breaks. Gonna try to put a move on it this week and get the ball rolling a little faster. You folks have the patience of saints, and I hear they are pretty patient people.

There are lots of fun looking games coming out soon and I don't have the time to play any of them!


Duh, super strength. Rip the cuffs off, or break the pipe in half.

We're patient because we care- and empathize. My job has been needy as heck for a while.

ahh, ruby-mai is so cute :3

Hahaha. Goddamnit, Mai. Way to fuck up.

GD- left 4 dead! yesss.

As much as i dislike how things are going in the comic, Rika's face in panel two almost makes up for everything.

Curse those inconveniently placed drains, curse them! Kittiara and Austa have the right idea.

That last panel is an "AAAWWW FAAAAAAAAWWK!" moment! X3

"GD kun, y wont u be my friend :C" - ohnomelon

First of all, it's "Why won't you be my friend?". That's four errors in a sentence with seven very short words.

As to your question, if I may pronounce myself on the matter, I'd say it's probably because of your completely inane grammar. I know I wouldn't be your friend if you kept using that kind of English.

There is plenty of help for people like you who struggle with the english language, you just have to ask around. Please don't let the english language die and become a ghost.

Love (read: Hate),
Azure Flash
High-ranking Grammar Nazi

GD kun, y wont u be my friend :C

Well if you don't like the pacing, you could always make your own comic! That's what I did!

>GD has mentioned that it was a shadow before.
Are you suuuure?
It's too late anyway. I can't unsee it.

Y'know, I gotta say, I used to love this comic. But now... It just really pisses me off. If you're only gonna update once weekly, it just seems like you need to progress the plot a bit more quickly. Honestly, there was no reason this Officer Friendly thing had to go longer than 2 comics. I've been with this comic from the beginning, but I'm just bored now and I'm done.

GD has mentioned that it was a shadow before.

I just expected they'd break the handcuffs with Ruby-powers!

I'm confused about the nose-thing too, as the eyes overlap it and they don't have any black noses on the side views.

What a conviniently placed bump.

Not quite action karates, but that's one fisted cop!

No, no, that is DEFINITELY not a nose.
...Curse you, now I can't unsee it.

I just realized that that's not the cheek; that's the nose.
I have been reading this comic for years and I never noticed that.


That flying tooth was just awesome :D Serves him right for tricking us with his 420-friendly wiles *shakes fist*

Durn pesky loose comic panels...

I will comment in the morning this comic is awesome. Need sleep.

A lil lower towards the family jewels woulda been nice to see too, but face works :3 Painful, knocks em out, and most of all everybody'll know he just (in the words of Riley Freeman) 'got knocked the **** out.' And who needs a key when you have a giant cyborg >:3

Haha, I love the first panel.

Also, it would be pretty rad if Mai had to break the pipe and the pipe happened to be connected to the refrigeration system.

Dont you just love it when things go according to plan?

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