Poor Waldo!


Ladies and gents, here is Episode 260! Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something, right? Rika flexes her peer pressure muscles on Mai, who's devised the perfect litmus test for Officer A-Little-Bit-Too-Friendly. The jig is up... or is it?

Over the past few weeks I've been going through my archives in an attempt to catch spelling mistakes, zap grammar disasters, and otherwise fix some minor inconsistencies like stray pixels, wrong colors, and the like. Despite my best efforts to break these perfectionist tendencies, they seem to be here to stay! I've made some minor updates to the first 16 pages of the comic; prior to establishing the visual "rules" for OHP, the speech bubbles were all drawn by hand... and looked terrible. Early comics suffered from some truly awful bubble placement and shapes, which made for a bunch of pretty ugly wall-of-text scenarios. These have been fixed, with a little polish on the dialogue tossed in for good measure. Have a look for yourself!

I haven't really played much of anything lately. But it's cool to see that Castle Crashers was apparently worth the wait! I've been a long-time advocate for the glorious return of the side-scrolling beat-'em-up.


Awesome. I can't wait to see these guys stoned! I read through the Archives again and actually noticed before you mentioned it that you had made changes, and for the better. Keep up the brilliant work, gd.

well well well...

@ Mie

I actually think I read that it isn't.
But then again, I remember hearing horror stories of police women tricking men to 'molest' them in the park. (Also, remember The Warriors?!)

It may depend on what country you're in.

Hawhawhaw, I recognize that face. Ohhh, sir, you are about to be busteddd.

Is that legal, anyway? for a cop to trick you into trying something, THEN arresting you? Isn't that entrapment or something and becomes void before law?

She's a smart one, that Mai.

As for Officer Friendly, I'd be sweating too if a gigantic woman who looked like she could crush me like a tin can wasn't exactly feeling friendly toward me.

Ahah... Look at him sweat- he's definitely one o' those tricks-you-into-doing-something-bad-then-arresting-you-for-it cops. >=D

also i really love your icon on fearsome gd! totally awesome. i'd love to see icons like that for all the characters with an extra one for julian with ladies clothes on! outstanding all round.

yeeehaw! i am so glad the comic is focused on Ruby at the moment! she is such a great character.

muscle ladies are the best of the best! almost as best as the bestest: gd.

Dear GD-kun,

Thank you for the subtle Ruby booby jiggles.


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