I Have Learned from Experience That a Modicum of Snuff Can Be Most Efficacious.


And with that, Episode 255. Rika refuses to budge despite Mai's best efforts to prove her love of double fudge ripple... but Mai is not so easily dismissed! Looks like someone's gonna have to bring out the Big Guns.

Yahtzee posted a review of webcomics instead of games this week, which I found pretty funny. Oh, that man. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence!

American readers, have a good Fireworks Day! What better way to celebrate freedom than by drinking too much, eating too much, and watching things get shot into the sky and explode? The American dream, in a nutshell. Sorry for all the noise, Canada and Mexico! We'll be done partying by Saturday.


We've seen incestuous pseudo-cannibalistic aliens, monarchs from other planets, spaceships capable of interstellar travel, a steampowered cyborg, small arms with the firepower of a tank, teleportation devices, matter stasis and compression devices that fit in your pocket...

But bodyswapping?? IMPOSSIBLE I SAY.



Ooo, a Baron Munchausen reference! Excellent! And I am soooo happy that they finally re-released Eric the Viking on DVD. I watched it not long ago by way of Netflix. If you haven't seen it, it is a must for any Munchausen fan.

Oh, we won't be done til' Monday, when we suddenly realize that the three day weekend was a lot shorter then we remember.

Big Guns, huh?
I like the sound of that!

what's it take, huh?

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