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Hello again, folks. I've got a shiny new Episode 254 for you tonight. We rejoin the bodily-displaced Mai Yamamura for another round of Try to Convince Your Friend You're Actually Who You Say You Are! With Ruby temporarily on ice, this could be the break she needs to bring Rika up to speed. But it's never that simple, is it?

Holy crap, y'all. I'm getting four days off of work starting next week while Sega relocates to a new building a few blocks away. With any luck, I'll be able to use this time to a) relax, b) catch up on OHP, and c) draw some oekaki FOR REAL JESUS CHRIST CAN I GET FIVE MINUTES TO MYSELF SO I CAN DRAW SOME SMUT. In case you've been wondering, here's a list of some of the "fantastic" titles I've been working on lately: Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Universe at War: Earth Assault, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. SIGH.

Also, have any of you sent me e-mails with attachments? I discovered the other day that my spam blocker was painting with some pretty broad strokes, and I think some letters with things attached may have been accidentally flushed. It's been tweaked, so that shouldn't happen anymore. If you've been waiting for a response, just shoot me another e-mail. Thanks!


alarmed ruby/mai is so cute :3

I am super incredible at Spider Man 2 the game that was a great game. Swinging around the city... FART

I love the 360 Iron Man game =(

Can you get me Tail's autograph? He's always been my favourite.

After you get Sonic Team's autograph, can you kick them really really hard in the balls? Like, line them all up in a row and kick them one-by-one.


PS- Ruby boobs. Titties plz.

I love Rika's eyes in panel three. She's all "LAZORS CHARGED."

You work at Sega? That's awesome!
If at all possible, could you please visit Sonic Team? I want their autographs (Even if in only .png format) for all the joy they've given me over the years.

Also, kick every last one of those bastards in the balls - as hard as you can, if possible. The 360/PS3 tragedy known as "Sonic the Hedgehog" was a fetid abortion of a game, and the last TRULY great Sonic game to be created before they started a downward spiral from "good" to "Uwe Boll" was S&K.

As far as the games they have you working on go, that's rough. Movie games are almost universally crap, and the development staff always gets blamed for things they have no control over. (Such as trying to mimic the plot and expected gameplay mechanics of a movie based on the trailer.)

Good luck to you.

Ruby is a goddess and Rika ain't bad neither.

Can I request a super sexy Ruby Oekaki? Rika and Ruby are both mega hot to the maxo but Ruby is the best. Your art is off the scale, totally awesomest ever.

What is the incredible Hulk game like? Is it like that "Total desctruction" one? That was a fun game but kind of a let down because you could only smash like six buildings. Hardly total destruction...

Can't wait for Oekakiz!

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