Teenage Monsters and Haunted Homes.


Better beware, there's an Episode 256 tonight. Ruby decides to play her newfound size advantage to expose Rika's weakness and get her to listen to reason. This, of course, involves shenanigans. But now that any remaining doubt has been cast aside, what's next? The answer probably involves more shenanigans.

As promised, a new oekaki happened over the Fourth of July weekend. The results were extremely patriotic and pornographic, as you can probably imagine. I was hoping to do another while I was off, but I ran out of time! Baby steps.

I would like Bionic Commando: Rearmed to come out right now, if not sooner.


I know your ticklish spot, GD. Don't make me use it!

Can't wait!

Considering how unbelieving she is of her claim of a body swap, she really has no choice but to go for "definitive evidence".

Of course she can! In fact I think it should be mandatory.

What the fuck?

The REAL question is how she found that ticklish spot in the first place.


Me brane splode


Oh, Rika

Awesome. Now who is betting someone is going to run out of steam and get both of them stuck in a terribly awkward position?

okay! that is fantastic.

I think Mai is taking a little bit of advantage of the situation... and that she's enjoying it :D

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