I'm Betting My Life That It All Rewinds and Erases.


Hello! This week it's a nice big splash featuring Ruby and her rotund new friend. Perhaps the alternate title for this piece should be, "Dude, Where's My Focal Point?"

I got this awesome gift the other day from Tam! Check out this Rika. Is that not totally sweet? She says FIE, BEGONE to lines, and they flee in every direction. I love seeing my gals and guys in different styles, so refreshing! Thanks again!

And thanks to everyone who wished me well last week. I've conquered the cold, or whatever it was, and I still have a few chunks of lung left that I didn't cough up. Hooray!


methinks this will give a certain body-swapped young lady time to plead her case to her non-body-swapped compadré?

Sausage. >:3


duh... she obviously should have lied down

But there are knives. Sharp sharp knives...

the cake's a lie anyway :/

There's no cake where she's going.

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