If I Could Only Dream, I'd Dream a Dream of Roses.


I have here an Episode 250 for you, hot off the grill. That seems like a nice round number! Bite-size, yet filling.

Right now I have the worst cold that I've had in years. It's like my ears and nose have been sewn shut, and someone hit me square in the ribs with a bowling ball. I think I need to just start wearing a SARS mask everywhere I go so that the world at large stops infecting me with its terrible diseases. Plus, that way I could draw some totally sweet shark teeth on it or something.

Rice Boy has ended! I was a little surprised with how quickly it wrapped up, but it was a suitably ambiguous conclusion to a strange little journey. If you've never read it, or haven't in a while, now would be an excellent time to catch up. It's rare to find a webcomic with such a unique visual style that's so thoroughly engaging.


I heard that humans taste bad because we eat all sorts of foods like pigs do. I hate pork.

Aww, get well soon. Seems people spread more diseases than pigeons, but cannibalism is looked down upon for some reason...

Dang you are right I forgot. GET WELL SOON and then ruby-oekaki this place up.

The guy's sick man, let him rest!


Funny how the panhandler, working in the kitchen to settle the debt, will have to handle many more pans by the end of the night.

i have a cold too! dang ol cold. this comic was the best yet. pigeons are vermin...

rich americanz!

out of pure coincidence, i was reading this: http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2322 and think it's worth sharing -particularly since you're in such a bad way. the article actually goes into pretty good detail, and the idea and methodology seem sound. i haven't personally tried what it mentions but i'm positive i would if i had a cold.

if your cold isn't making you dizzy, i would also advise going to a place where you can reliably get some serious fresh air (in the mountains, away from traffic, etc) as even a few moments with pure, clean, oxygenated air can do amazing things for one's health; i've had extreme symptoms vanish from stepping into a place where air flows freely and cleanly.

...of course, if that helps, it might not be a cold you're suffering from but rather a reaction to foul air.

a hepa filter can be extremely beneficial for preventing such complications; shop around for a quieter unit with an additional washable filter as these usually cost less to maintain while providing the same level of security.

AVOID(!!!) ionic air filters as they generate ozone which is harmful to the human body.

i hope you get well soon!

Agreed. Eat some orange soup and drink some chicken juice and you'll be up and about in no time.

Fo' sho, get well soon.

Hey man, eat some chicken soup and drink orange juice. Get better!

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