Hold Your Breath, Make a Wish, Count to Three.


I don't wanna make you good folks wait any longer for this page, so here's Episode 252! And you thought that joke was dead and buried! Ruby's probably gonna be wishing for her own parka pretty soon. I'm gonna go back in and clean this page up a little later tonight.

It's kind of exciting that the TF2 character overhauls are coming out at a steady pace. I was kinda hoping for a Soldier or Scout update, but Pyro works, too! Some more official maps would be nice, though.


The gasp I made at this comic was painful; I think I need a new throat.

Also, this comic seems to have a really bad relationship with food. Being food, mostly. Still, wonderful comic, holy crap, best ever.

*opens a package of cookies and gets out a glass*

My fan art is nearly finished it's pretty complex.

Actually, I think he's just gonna make her freeze a little as punishment. The water will multiply the cold for sure.

Whoa, damn. The plot thickens...

Oh now I remember! ...Awesome.

Ruby can't do that while in Mai's body! Mai's boobs wouldn't be able to produce enough! Noooooo


Ruby is a geniuz too.

I thought mirabelle was NAKED to begin with! Maybe make her jacket a bit darker? Unless you were going for the fuzzy boob look :D

Gotta keep that milk fresh! =3 Hmmm, I wonder if Mai's body is whole or skim?

whoooo...looks like a cold night for someone here :( right person in the wrong body :/

(or isnt that a cooling room? in that case...my comment doesnt make much sense :/ )

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