Good Evening Professor. I See You Have Driven Here in Your Ferrari.


Good gravy, it's Episode 249! A little good news for Rika, and some potentially bad news for Ruby, who may want to consider beating feet out the door. But maybe we've got the maitre d' figured all wrong...

I have a sneaking suspicion that moving back to weekend updates may be a little more difficult than I'd anticipated! Gonna try to really pound the canvas this week. Wish me luck.


So the question now is - does Rika believe the bodyswap story yet?

Also, three cheers for Rice Boy.

Even when rifling through a ladies personal belongings, he still has the grace to hold his pinky aloft. Now that's a maitre d'!

This comic is so awesome it makes my eyes flex and stuff. it's really great.

I am thinking that Ruby will ruin this for Rika she will be DETAINED by the mairedeedee. Then she will try to fight all reflexivly like and it will not work. FUTURE

Woot, way to give the story a little M. Night Shymalan twist.

And nice headline. I remember playing that game on my Amiga a long long time ago. Never got far though...

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