I'll Turn Those Screws a Little Tighter (You Can Hardly Wait).


Episode 248 is present and accounted for. Ruby finds herself in an increasingly sticky situation... and with the odds stacked against her in with the substitute body, a hasty retreat may be in order! So much for those brownie points with Rika!

Once again, thanks for being patient. Crunch time at the office, you know how that goes. Still haven't finished a new oekaki, but I aim to fix that.

Echochrome looks pretty amazing. I've been waiting for another good puzzle game to come out, and it looks like this should fit the bill nicely.


I liked all three versions!

@ "Kind of like someone handing you a bill and say "that's four hundred fugnars"

True enough, but Ruby has plenty of context clues to figure it out.

"PLUS gratuity", and probably the way the maitre said the price and subsequent 's'il vous plait'.

So she has plenty of reason to be worried that its a lot.

To use your example, that'd be like someone handing you a bill with eyes sparkling, a huge grin on their face, saying "Man, that is FOUR HUNDRED fugnars!!"

Cheezy, I would have to disagree with that. With GD's response, I went back and re-read that particular page and some others after that, and I don't think Ruby would even react to it like she had, because she has no idea of earth terminology or currency. (Remember she parked her ship in what she thought was a parking lot but was a junk yard). So the Maitre D saying "Four hundred dollars please" and Ruby saying "That's a lot." Wouldn't make much sense, or even if it did, the logical response I think would be: "How much is that in (whatever Ruby's home planet or the galactic equivalent) currency?

So yeah, Ruby's arrogancy aside, she still wouldn't know what a dollar is.

Egads I saw this comin' a mile away.

I'm sure Ruby would be a bit more arrogant or knowledgeable to know that's 'a lot' in any froo-froo foreign eatery. Question is: Without her inherent brawn, how's she going to snake her way outta this one?

Great comic as always GD, just a quick question. Has Ruby been to Earth before? Zukie couldn't even read the cheque, let alone figure out how much it would be, I would think that Ruby probably wouldn't know what four hundred dollars is, or react to it that way.

Kind of like someone handing you a bill and say "That's four hundred fugnars."

I love the way you are drawing Mai in this comic when jacket looks rad especially the sleeves.

Please tell me the oooooooooooeeeeekackkiiiiii has Ruby in it and not her clothes! Ruby is... aghhh a great gal and I think she is wonderful.

or something. This comic is the best ever.

Ha. Justice. ^_^

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