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The trap is sprung in Episode 240! Rika is finally introduced to Queen, but it might have been a bad first impression. And what of Pepito and Zukie?! The plot thickens next week!

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Oh god, you guys. Finally, Brawl is upon us! I fear for my social life and personal hygiene. However, they will not be sacrificed in vain! At least, that's what I'll be telling myself. Let the unlocking begin!


haha i don't blame you for being late on updating ohp. brawl is soo amazing. :3

I happen to be an expert in tail dynamics, and I can tell you every factor that enters into the determination of whether or not this position is painful for Queen.

First of all, this seems to be a fluffy type of tail, with a set of very small caudal vertebrae and long, dense and fluffy fur around it. Due to the vertebrae's size, it would support very little of her weight even if she sat on a hard surface. For an example of this, try comparing the relative levels of pain from sitting on your arm versus sitting on your hand. One does not even need to actually try it to imagine that the pain in sitting on one's hands is much less than the pain in sitting on one's entire arm. Well, in comparison, sitting on one's hypothetical tail would be even less painful.

Furthermore, the sofa's stuffing under the tail would support some of the weight should it be squeezed between Queen's body and the sofa.
Not only that, but as GD mentionned, she is sitting in the middle of this sofa, and it is more than likely that her tail is actually floating in the air between the two cushions or resting in a lower-altitude cavity at the junction of the cushions, depending on the spacing between them. Even should she have sat on a harder surface or on one side or another of the couch, there would still be some space, seeing as her tail passes under her crotch. Thus, definitely, there is almost none, if not zero, weight stress associated with this position.

The only remaining factor is whether or not her tail is long enough to pass all the way from behind her, under her crotch stick out by that much on the front without the tail's head (the junction between the tail and the rest of the spine) being folded painfully despite this position. I do not think this would be possible if she sat straight (much less of the tail's length would stick out), but the way she is drawn - the waist seeming bigger, the cushions drawn out and the position of her arms - clearly indicates that she is sitting in a very laid back position, which reduces the length of her tail hidden under her.

tl;dr - Plently of space between her and the couch, soft surface, small surface of actual weight support in the tail, space between cushions and the way she sits all seem to indicate that this position is entirely painless and 100% comfortable. If I were her, I am certain I would have no problems sitting in the same position. I guarantee it.

Brawl is great i just finshed the big story line so i could get sonic ^_^. Hope you unlock everything you want as well.

How's brawl?

Queen loves pain.

Hot, oh yeah. I thought it would be painful to sit on your own tail tho...

Allow me to be the first to point out that the picture of Queen on the couch is really hot.

I mean, damn.

LOL No country for old men. LOL

Oh no! RUBY?! Outstanding comic GD I love the perspectives.

I one thing I enjoy about this comic is the comments. Because I can read them while the comic is loading and then go back to the top and read the comic.

That's so weird! I just finished the index for my new page and am looking for a host for it. I was going to go with go daddy but I will check out dreamhost for sure if it helps me and you.

Hey, you've got a broken link there ("Episode 240"). Might want to fix that =)

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