The Sun is an Apple, the Moon is an Orange in Orbit.


The time has come for Episode 241! Queen has some plans of her own as far as the deal was concerned; no surprise there! But with their only leverage about to fly the coop, what are a couple of brain-swapped girls to do?!

It's been extremely difficult putting Brawl down. Though I think I might still prefer Melee's fast-paced play style (especially the wavedashing), the huge amount of new characters, items, and stages (stage builder!) definitely give Brawl the edge. The online mode's been a little disappointing though, mostly due to lag and the extremely frustrating limitations put on random matches with folks not in your friends list... but I suspect the latency issues will slowly improve as the hype dies down in the next few weeks. Nintendo, it's 2008; time to stop being afraid of the internet!


Dem's fighting words pardner.....

Nooo, Maxime, you're not in your cyborg body! ARGH.

I think we all love OHP, it's great =p

I love OHP.

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