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Ladies and gents, Episode 239 brings us back to Rika and the Sisters D'bo! Zukie is a firm believer in the notion of share and share alike, especially when it comes to family assets. Races inexperienced in K'baban culture are often disturbed by the enthusiasm to engage in nude discourse with in-laws; however, this earnestness shouldn't be mistaken for sexual depravity! We're talking about real family love, here.

It's probably time to give this site a little face lift. One thing I'd like to try to do is make the archive dynamic, rather than static. The back-catalogue of pages is nearing the 250 mark, and that's a lot of HTML files sitting in the root. I've heard that MoveableType tends to choke when set to dynamic publishing, though... so maybe I should leave the blogging and the comic posting separate for now. Seriously, though, it'd be really convenient to have the actual comic pages rendered on the fly. More on that later.

A new vertical shooter dropped on XBLA the other day! Triggerheart Exelica is pretty short, but god dang if it isn't fun. This has been a good couple of months for sh'mups on the 360! But seriously, where's my Ikaruga?


Who do I have to rape to get more updates?

I will tone it down from now on.

dung, I can tell you love the comic, and that's awesome. But you need to tone it down a little, you're kinda freaking me out

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Rika was of course my first love but she was replaced when Ruby turned up. She sort of disappeared a bit as Ruby filled my senses. But dang now I look at her she is mega hot and great when she is angry.

RAGHRGGH! Ruby and Rika should get married and have steam powered death babies...

Ohhh, I loved Ikaruga =D

I remember playing the arcade version before, and it was so much fun. I wish I could find an arcade machine of it, as I would play it all the time.

Touhou for XBLA!

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