When I'm at the Pearly Gates, This'll Be on My Videotape.


Once again, it's time for more OHP! Here's Episode 238, wherein Lanogan closes the gap with unexpected speed and precision, and Julian finds himself right back where he started. Where's the cavalry when you need 'em?!

I'm kind of glad the power stayed on so far this weekend so this could get posted. As anyone living in the Bay Area is probably aware, weather of any kind tends to make everything stop working. Let's hope this trend of things continuing to function despite drizzle continues!

Good lord, has anyone else seen Romero's Diary of the Dead? I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a zombie movie. There seems to be a bandwagon right now where directors all want to try their hand at doing a first-person narrative, and while these efforts vary wildly in their effectiveness, some of them are total flops. I'd count this latest of-the-Dead chapter as one of those. What a heartbreaker! Something was lost in the transition to the anti-filmic. Please, sir, return to traditional narrative!


Did someone take a bite out of my surfboard? Oh it was me don't worry. GOD DAMN THIS IS GREAT!

I can't WAIT to see what happens next. I always loved action in air ducts. like and underground tunnel battle in the air...


Crawl out of one hole, and into another! Julian must be really getting sick of this by now, Anya probably has no interest in playing any of her 'nice' games anymore, I'll bet =p

Really? It sucks? Aw man, what a drag.

The first hour or so of Land Of The Dead was pretty cool, but it seemed like the film exec's came in and said "sorry George old boy, but you're gonna have to cut a couple of hours out of this flick". Not total shit, but nethertheless felt so rushed.

I'll go see this anyway, and join the doubtless disappointed hordes.

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