Let the Hummers Hum, and the Clappers Clap, and the Singers, They Just Sing.


Episode 237 is ready to go! Julian makes a mad break for freedom, but unfortunately for him, Lanogan's interest in his prey has been piqued. This can't end well!

Thanks you all for your kind words and encouragement the past few weeks. I'm glad to see that interest in OHP is still running high! I like making it, of course, but it's always more fun when you folks are frothing for the next page. The eternal cock-tease!

More next week!


Blockhead - The Art Of Walking

Downtown Science Album

booyeah, grandma, booyeah.

jeez, what's the name of that song that you got the heading of this comic from? i own it, but i can't remember which one it is.

is it blockhead? it might be. damn, i wish i could remember.

Ah, there's always an air duct/ventilation system to crawl through...

Yes, OHP is a gigantic cock-tease, but we love it so.

I wanna see Lanogan vs Ruby! They fight each other too a stand still then they fall in love.

I've been voting for OHP everyday since you put the link up. I will vote for OHP forever. Easily my favorite comic ever and I've read and made a lot of them.

I'm colouring my fan art.

Goddamn this comic is great!

Julian has got some M4|> 5|

Veiny is certainly not Julian's style.. ;_;

Eh, if Lanogan wanted to really catch Julian, he would have done so already with the cliched villainous monologue. I think there's something else going on.

Mmm, Julian managed due partly because of a little bit of deus ex machina, but no worries, I'm sure Lanogan will find some new way to screw things up for him =p

Run, Julian! Run!

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