Optimum Conditions at the Top of the Tree.


Folks! Just a quick little splash update for the holiday season. Sorry I've been so quiet this past month, it's been pretty busy and I'm notoriously poor at managing my time. Work on the next chapter of OHP continues (no, it's not dead yet!). Please stay tuned!

This week I'm most likely going to be moving my oekaki artwork to it's own subdomain, to help keep it a little better organized and to keep it separate from the comic site. It seems weird to have a smut collection that dwarfs the comic section side by side! The comic's catching up in numbers, though.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday! Thanks for reading!


Shoot for Ground Hog's Day.

Hopefully you won't see your shadow, or it'll be another 6 weeks... :P

Don't rush genius!

Me miss you long time. :(


*sob* well he should at least change the picture it starting to get boring

Patience is a virtue =P GD doesn't get paid to deliver comics to us, give him time to work


I had totally forgotten about the body swap! I think it would be great if the new series came back with Rika and the twins. I enjoy Ruby's ever evolving design but I must say Rika was my first love. melting sweep vast light reproduced membranes agdff.

Happy new year GD! So is that Ruby and Mai before the transformation, when Mai's eyes were blue, or is it just a drawing that is no way related to the story? :)

Just asking

Happy 2008! And it's true, we all love Ruby :p

Here's to another fun-filled year, and many more!

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! Is that all you can think about?! =p

And a Ruby oekaki! When did that go up?! HOT! I love the way you drew her nipples it's a funny picture.

Ruby is EASILY the hottest in the comic if you ask me that is. WOO!

Merry Belated Baby Jesus Day, Dan! I admit that I was pretty disappointed when I would check back every day and not see anything new, however, I still support you and your wonderful sex-filled, sci-fi, ackshun packed, multi-planetary, bowl movement-inducing comic of funny and merriment. I look forward to more comics and will check back every day! Much

All I wanted for Christmas was Ruby and I got it oooh RUBY!!

Happy holidays and thanks for another year of cool comics :)

Wheee, then I shall post away!
I'm usually good at, you know, NOT being an
animated Japanese schoolgirl, so.. Yeah! :3
But then again I'm also prone to babble pointlessly. D:
I'd better not post much.
But yes, I can't wait for more comics. ^-^
They makes me happy.

Carefully, Blood_cat, schoolgirls and tentacle rape are like Catholic priests and altar boys =|

Assuming you can avoid starring in any hentais, you should post praise for GD :3 And bug him for updates every chance you get

Awww, thats awsome!
Merry Christmas, GD!
And, since I'm feeling like a giddy schoolgirl for posting here for the first time,
Love the comic! :3
*blushes and runs off, giggling uncontrollably*

A joyous Holiday Season and a safe and Happy New Year to GD-kun and to everyone here on "Our Home Planet."

Merry Christmas, GD! =)

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