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With Episode 235, we conclude Chapter 7! Lanogan prepares young Prince Julian for the business end of android philosophy! How will he make it out of this one, I ask you?! Stay tuned.

I must apologize for the break in my stride near the end, there. I'm going to recharge my batteries a little before starting up the next chapter. Chapter 8 will most likely kick off near the beginning of December, though a solid date will be posted in the next few days. During the break, I'd like to build up a small reservoir of pages again, since that worked out extremely well during the earlier part of 2007. Oekaki is on the itinerary, as well. I will keep you posted!

While you wait, I would highly recommend both Octopus Pie and Rice Boy, each of which are wonderful ways to lose half a day or more in Webcomix Land.


You know I always wanted to say this about this comic..."Breeding Purposes"...?Is Anya THAT attracted to Julian?

I think I'm smelling some sexy moments there...slaveXmaster!XD

*Trips on a tumbleweed* Argh, well, this place might be a little dry at the moment, but you need to give GD a break. He'll be back before long, trust me =p You folks need to remember that this is the holiday season, a very busy time of the year for everyone except miserly penny-pinchers or the unemployed =p

In the mean time, I could really use some help in creating this cybernetic GD-clone, as once it gets finished, we'll be able to enjoy concrete comic release-dates. I'm just kidding, the sporadic updates add more to the fun, really :P Anyway, let's allow the man to work for now.

*whistles idly*

Movies I liked: From Beyond, Troma's WAR, Cobra, Omega man/The last man on earth, Nuke em high 1 & 2, Repulsion, Night of the living dead, Irreversible, Halloween 3, The Punisher with Dolph Lundgren, Nightmare on Elm street 2, Reanimator, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Day of the dead, Fortress, Conan the barbarian, Santa Sangre, Blood on satans claw, Metal Storm, A short film about killing, Race with the devil, Common Law Cabin, Maniac Cop 1 & 2, Robocop, Body Melt, AFTERshock, End Of Evangelion, Commando, They Live (ROWDY RODY PIPER!) and Visitor Q. They are pretty ok I like them.

Breaks are a good thing! =p The 8-month break of yesteryear didn't even infuriate me that much :P

Ahh well, point is - don't burn yourself out (at least, not until I can create a robot clone of you to finish off the comic)

Heh. It just kind of sucks when you hit the archives of a comic you've just stumbled across and there's no more new comics.

It was the same with Girl Genius, actually...

He's on break! We all need a break now and then.

Braindead isn't as good as Street Trash. Melt Movies are great.

"Weekly", eh?

Braindead was a great movie.

Hey, man, I can't help, st, st, stuttering.

Yes, Julian should be crossdressing again, I think, but in oekaki, more than in the actual comic :P It wouldn't make sense.

PS, excessive commas.

OHP is so good I've been reading it since before Julian dressed as a lady! Julian should still be dressed as a girl (remember the poll?) I think a cross dressing space prince is just what the world needs! It's up to you!

This comic is so good! You are a hot shit amazing artist that kicks ass!

Print them out! It's so easy I sell comics that cost me nothing to make for $5 at comic stores and your comics are pretty dang slick! You could make moolah from it.

Whack the comics into a Publisher booklet template and print it on a good printer.

Do an experiment. Maybe a few A2 posters, 5 maybe see how they sell?

Also: if you haven't played BIOSHOCK, PLAY IT! Ken Levine is a complete GENIUS!

GD: I think Vic meant Lanogan's left hand in panel 5, right above the text balloon. It does sort of look like he's got five knuckles, five fingers (2+3), and a thumb.

On the other hand (pun intended) he'd make one hell of an interesting pianist or guitarist, eh? ^_^

Not to nit pick but in frame one Lanogan seems to have about six fingers! Anyways been reading for a long time and you have a GREAT comic, keep up the good work!

Sure hope they give Pinky the Heimlich Maneuver once they're out of the room, and to safety. She's far to cute to be allowed to choke to death... I'd never forgive P.J.

Hope to see more of our heroines soon!

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