Sweet Cinnamon Punch.


Holy crap, time really started slipping away from me, there. That's enough of that. Everybody, the comic's starting again on February 9th. That's totally next week!

Apologies for being so damn quiet the past 2 months. A lot of long hours at the office, a lot of introspection. Boring shit. My New Year's resolution was to put a little more effort into making this comic work, so here we go. Thanks to everyone who kept the faith!


RUBY!!!! Ruby can dangle all she wants I do not mind at all.

"Getting tired of looking at Ruby's hanging boobies"

Uh-huh, sure =p Yeah right

Yay can't wait. Getting tired of looking at Ruby's hanging boobies.


You can't rush sexy genius!

the 9th isn't coming fast enough! *tries to invent a time machine to speed things up... and fails, sadly*

I was here when the comic started, and I'll be here WAY after it ends. Respek

Was there ever any doubt that GD would return?
Y'all need to stop bitching about long periods of inactivity, after all, GD is doing pretty good considering, just look at Gone With the BlastWave =p

'bout fuckin time, man. most webcomics would have been dropped from my list by now.

That date is circled on my calender now.

I think your break was just fine I don't want you burnin' out. Slow and steady.

I am overcome with joy.

Be still my beating heart... ^_^


Yay, it resumes *does the happy dance*

Sure we care!!! Looking forward to reading some great comics again :)

*gives the evil eye*

Ne-ver scare us like that again! *twitch*..
.. please, do tell the next time you're going AWOL on us.. *sad puppy eyes*

Shnoogins. Welcome back, GD!

Yeah, I checked the comic pretty much everyday, too. XP

I checked everyday, but the RSS feed makes it helluva easier.

Don't worry GD, Achewood has me used to delays in my comics. You go ahead and take time to make a great comic as usual.

PS: Bioshock rulezzz

Yaay! Comics will be coming back! I was getting a little worried there for a bit.

...I can't be the only one who still checked this page every day, right? Maybe I need a life... >>;

Anyway, glad to have you almost-back into the world of comics I read on the internet. :3

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