Your Cheap Beer's Filled with Crocodile Tears.


Ladies and gents, it's once again Comic Time. Episode 232 has arrived fashionably late! Never one to turn the other cheek, Pinky strikes back at our nimble and similarly-colored Prince. As usual, she's ready to meet the challenge head-on; or is that head-first? The battle continues next week!

Didn't get a chance to oekaki like I wanted, but on the bright side, I'm back to a normal work schedule this week, so maybe this time around. It's amazing what getting more than four hours of sleep every night will do for your outlook on life! I think what I need to do is just get out of video game QA entirely, because it's awful.

Speaking of awful, holy SHIT was Resident Evil 3 a stinker. Absolutely terrible! But at least this has been a zombie-movie-filled year (with more to come!). How often does THAT happen? The answer is, "not often enough".


I'm nothing if not slightly uncouth.

Ruby's a Steam powered Amazon Bounty Hunter from outer space and the that is why I love her. I used to like Pepito just like everybody else but all the other star really shines now.

I must find this Shadow now, he is my target.

Yes, Lone :P He's hardly been naked at all.
I'm just kidding, badgering overworked webcomic artists into filling requests is slightly uncouth =p

In before Nude Lone!

RUBY ORKAKI!! Maybe Ruby and Anya? NAKED!

Bar of soap! I choose you!

Pinky uses pounce!

Julian uses 'fwip' attack!
It's super-effective!

I want a Pinky as a houseguard so badly.
Strong, scary, and extremely durable. I mean, she has pieces of glass sticking out of her skin and she's not even bleeding!

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