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Good grief, it's Episode 231! Pinky uses her head (albeit unwillingly) to solve Julian's little key problem. Thank goodness for conveniently placed conduits! I'll be cleaning this page up a little bit, since I had to rush some the coloring and effects to get it out in a reasonable amount of time. The good news is that I'll be returning to a (relatively) normal work schedule next week, which should eliminate these update delays. How's that sound? Hope I didn't scare too many of you off again!

You know what I've wanted to do the most during this last month of cubicle hell? Oekaki. Lemme see if I can bust out something completely not work safe before the next update.

I'm clearly in the minority of 360 owners who have no interest in Halo 3, but for the record: I didn't understand the fuss in 2001, and I still don't quite get it. What exactly is this game bringing to the table that hundreds of other first-person shooters haven't already? I'll admit that my hands-on experience with the series is limited to a few casual encounters with friends and coworkers, but I've yet to feel engaged by either its seven-year-spanning story or its oft-praised multiplayer. Am I missing something, here? Maybe I'm just expecting more from my sci-fi than "shoot the bad aliens that want to take over the universe".


OEKAKI? Need sexy nudie RUBY oekaki!

Well, it is somewhat slow I find, but it isn't broken, so I wasn't even thinking of bitching about it :P It really hasn't been too much trouble, personally.

Mea culpa. My sincere apologies to any Canadian brother or sister that I may have offended for trying a clever phonetic play-on-words while watching Julian's attempt to "get the boot(s)..." OK, so let's even things out.

What are kakis?

What people in Boston use to start their cars. ^_^

LOL the Xbox controllers are huge amirite guys?

People! Don't you see we're just giving GD leads for his employer's new videogame project? Well played, GD, but you can't trick me! I'm always a paranoid step ahead!

You can hump the bodies of the fallen.

So. It has that going for it. And the controllers double for phallus compensation needs? I swear, that covers everything in the economics department.

You should listen to people from Labrador speak! The Maritimers are really silly =p And actually, to be honest, I have no intention of picking up an Xbox, even :P

I think the alure of Halo way way back was mostly the, "Hey, they actualy made these FPS controls feel natural on a console again. I thought that topped out at Goldeneye". It's the kind of thing that shouldn't blow your socks off or have been that hyped, but teh video games as you know are an industry where "it works the way it's supposed to" is sadly not the norm.

Since then it's just been Bungie latching onto that first foothold, and not letting go ever. Their games are solid, but not stunning.

And we don't talk THAT silly out east.

Only Cheezy Weapon was talking about Microsoft - I was on topic :P Not that it matters, comments areas are never the place for serious discussion. At any rate, keep up the fine work, GD!

'M$'? Ugh, do you have a Wii and a Linux computer, too? I'm not here to start a console war (If i had money I'd get all three) But i thought the days of hella hatin' on Microsoft because it was cool were over. All I'm trying to say is, it's just childish, console wars are childish, please only express your opinion about the topic GD introduced (Halo) or the comic, thanks.

All you need to know are three things:
Halo was like the first game for xbox, making it M$'s version of 'Mario' for the endless wave of fps's spawned after in the promise that 'it was just as good as Halo'.. Instead, all they got was 'haha, I took your money! Now enjoy my shitty reenactment of WW2!'

And 2: For the people making fps, and for the people playing it, that's all they've grown up on. Imagine a scenario where a child grows up eating watermelon everyday and becoming a watermelon farmer who has a watermelon club with other watermelon lovers.

And 3: Make those watermelon easily accessible so everyone can eat it all at once, at the same time.

Point is.. Watermelons are whored out. Er, I mean Halo.

I enjoyed the original Halo, back when it came out for PC. However, I also thought that it was hyped to Hell. I was led to believe that it was the definitive first person experience, and clearly it wasn't. It was another doom clone like almost every other FPS out there. It had its moments, but only in multiplayer. I myself, am not looking forward to Halo 3 - I never even played Halo 2. I'm with you, in that I don't see how Halo brings anything new to the genre. My two bits.

Oh, also, I'm one of those 'Canadian friends' :P I swear, we only talk that silly out in the East

Woo boy! Well now... if the pipe to the head didn't faze Pinky in the least bit before, then going head first through glass specifically designed to break easily in emergencies should be akin to splashing her in the face with cold water.

Anyway, as our Canadian friends might say, "Tune in next time to see what comes aboot, eh?"

Hang in there GD... if it's any consolation, you've only 45 more years or so until you reach retirement and can put crappy work schedules behind you... (unless the OHP merchandise starts selling like hotcakes) ^_^

Yay! GD comes through for us again! Don't overwork yourself trying to keep up with the comic

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