Ptah, the El Daoud.


It is now officially time for Episode 225. Suddenly, a tiny nuclear explosion of information in Rika's poor, human brain! Maybe we weren't cut out for antennae, but I think we might've gotten the short end of the stick.

I think my favorite night of the week has become Thursday. The local college radio station, KCSM, has a show called "All Out" from 10 at night until 2 in the morning that plays nothing but freeform, improvisational and experimental jazz. It's amazing to hear stuff like this on the radio.

Marathon on Live Arcade?! What a crazy world we live in! I can practically smell the 90s wafting out of my television screen.


I was gonna say something about H2G2, but it looks like I was beaten to the punch. Nice reference!

Great comic

Zukie is a frood who knows where her towel is!
now if only Marvin were here to kick around.

Oh my god, I love this strip. XD!

haha, I see Zukie never bothers with the "who has to get the towel" arguement...

I love this 3 panel format. If it is easier for you to do every week then go ahead!

The last panel is great. You are AMAZING!

Hey awesome XD a little...wierd but awesome comic :3 hey if you got xbox live (I noticed the Live Arcade comment at the bottom of your description) hit me up some time... gamertag is KuroFox808 woo go Hawaii XD...and just making it clear im male >.> XD dont ask lol

I was going to say the same thing. HitchHiker's Guide ftw!

You've outdone yourself this time, GD-kun! I'll bet everyone's wishing they had a 12oz. bottle of that stuff right about now, plus the Haight-Ashbury background colors in the last panel were down-right nostalgic too. ^_^

College radio stations are pretty cool, aren't they? We've got a local junior college that broadcasts both Jazz and Blues and puts commercial radio to shame.

I like how that same strand of liquid never drips or anything. It's one long strand. Always. :O

Rika's Surprise Orgasm face is priceless.

that hand in the last panel is seriously the best thing ever. Ohman.

Yay for the Hitchiker's Reference! :D

I believe a good term for what happened to Rika would be a "fingasm".

GD... This is the funniest comic I you have written in a loooooooooooong time. I almost peed myself laughing. Kudos to you, kudos.

I also had a pretty good idea... OHP t-shirts, maybe? I'd love to have one. (hint hint)

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