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Episode 226 is going up in a Mostly Finished State! There are a few effects missing, which I'll be adding in later today. Rika’s mood has greatly improved, thanks to this unusual high. Pepito and Zukie seem to be enjoying it for other reasons, however! Oh, you bet I’m drawing this way out.

Chapter 7 is drawing to a close, but not before finishing on an appropriately unfinished note! It’s hard to believe that so many weeks have already passed since the hiatus. You know what they say about the flying habits of time, though. What I’d really like to do is start putting out two pages a week, so that we’d have more than two chapters a year. I'd really love to make a job out of this some day. I’m still scribbling out t-shirt ideas, but I’m having a hell of a time coming up with a design I’m happy with. For some reason, nothing I’ve made looks like a good t-shirt design. Maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way. I’m gonna try some simpler designs this week. Thanks for being patient. With any luck, you’ll be able to wear some OHP in the near future.

What a crappy Sunday. Overtime and morning shift combine to form Sucktron. Sometimes I wish I was still a college boy, living in a magical fantasy land where I answered to no-one but Old Man Hunger. Times were simpler, mostly because I could just not show up if I wasn’t feeling it. Unfortunately, that stunt doesn’t transition quite as well in the real world. How unfair is that!

Girly came back, y'all! With a slightly different art style, format and color, to boot. I bet having more than just one thin column to do the strip is a lot easier! If you’re not already reading Girly, you need to fix that, pronto.

Oh my goodness, I can’t wait for BioShock. Finally, a retail 360 game to be excited about!


Tough-Luck: Certainly!

I really love ur story n characters!!! :) Keeps me smiling n the fanservice... ohh baby.. lol

You can, if you are a lady... and on drugs.

That last panel is the greatest panel in the history of trippy comic panels. Can I use Rika's face as an avatar? XD

Pineapple upside down cake.

oh lawd Rika gettin horny!:3

Yeah, I read girly all the way through a while back when i saw it on one of the links. It's quite good, misfile is good too.

Perfectly reasonable question, but yes, Queen was unaffected because she was wearing gloves.

Two pages a week? WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

On the by and by, if you haven't seen this, here's a few links to an official Bioshock artbook that's being released free over the net:

It's simple, Scorch. B Queen was gloved when she did that :P Now don't try to nitpick anymore

Love the comics GD, awesome as always. I just have one question. How come that didn't happen to B. Queen when she fought Pepito, and grabbed her dingle bob? Was she immune to it? Or something?

In public?

In public where?

Oh damn, this is gonna be good.

2 comics a week? *Fingergasms*

lol, extasy at your fingertips

The politically correct term is "dinglebob".

If you need help with those t-shirt ideas, I'd be more than happy to help. (free of charge, of coarse)

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