Super-Power Robot Yokozuna, Jr.


A question is about to be answered in Episode 224. The truth may very well rock you to your core. Or maybe you saw it coming a mile away, you clever thing. At any rate, Rika is wondering whether or not some questions are better left unanswered!

This schedule seems to be working out pretty well for right now. I've got enough time to do my thing and not feel like I'm up against the wall. Also, work is going pretty well. Even the commute doesn't seem as bad as it used to, since it turns out the train makes for an excellent mobile nap.

I went and saw Sunshine the other day, which was a lot of fun. Reminiscent of some of the best parts of flicks like Alien and 2001, but still very much its own thing. One worth the ever-increasing price of the theater experience, sci-fi fans. Plus, you'll get to see a trailer for the new Cronenberg movie, Eastern Promises. It's like a non-denominational holiday in July!


not that i no of... i wanna c the new 1 all rdy... T_T

Is Monday considered part of the weekend...? :)

Savanna: It is definitely Pepito being poked.

I read this whole comic in about three. The little thing what you did made this so funny! And now this? If I knew which one was being poked I could say something, but ethire way, intresting.

(Man, if you had a sexual organ with a sense of taste, that could be strangely enjoyable, couldn't it?)

Unless you were gay, I guess.

So, either the antennae do what everyone is suspecting it does, or it acts as a tongue and that's saliva. Or it could be both, who knows.

(Man, if you had a sexual organ with a sense of taste, that could be strangely enjoyable, couldn't it?)

Allyson: It's been fixed, thanks for catching that. Doing word balloons while half-asleep is risky business!

At least it's easy to find on K'babans!

ROFL!!! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next!!!! >_O

wait...did she just...out of! (O_o)

Pssst! When Zukie is reprimanding Rika for calling their antennae "dingle-bobs", you wrote "Don't you they teach..." I barely caught it myself! It's right where the text wraps so it's easily overlooked.

ANYWAY! Oh my! I suspected this a little during the whole "sensory overload" bit with B. Queen, but I must say I'm perplexed about how, exactly, it all works. I wonder how Rika will react...

Is it me, or have Babbit and Chendai's post inadvartently arrived here from next week? Anyway, the alternative text to the image (which I can read by hovering my mouse on the image in Opera) is a bit of a giveway.

Nice work! Loving the comic, glad to see you are back on schedule. Working bites, doesn't it? Kind of takes the fun out of doing fun stuff when you are too tired to enjoy it.

LoL! Brilliant!

Poor Pepito must have been suppressing one heck of a lot of pent up emotions towards her betrothed to be triggered by a mere two "poits". Either that or she's come down with a K'babanian head cold. ^_^

I can't wait for next weekend...


Wooo! You know, to tell the truth, I never saw it. It was like a brick that was thrown a mile away, and it just not reached my face.

Well done! Well done! :D I'm also glad your schedual is doin' yah good.

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