The Wonderful Star's Walk is Wonderful.


Episode 222 is now ready for your consumption. Thanks for being patient! Your reward is an ulcer for Rika.

So you're not completely in the dark about when the comic is updating, I'd like to let you know that until further notice, OHP will be updating at some point every weekend. The comic's staying weekly, but I'd rather keep a floating update schedule to make things a little easier on me. I encourage you to subscribe to OHP's RSS feed so you can know the very second that I update. It's like having your own little internet gnome do all the hard work for you!

A gift arrived from Kohdok not too long ago! True to form, Rika is finding herself subjected to strange forces seemingly out of her control, only this time with 33% more crossover action! April is from his comic, For Your Eyes Only. Thanks again, sir!

The people I work with are crazy fucking good at Smash Bros., which I'm hoping will improve my game significantly. I considered myself an above-average player, but playing with a tournament-level crowd has ultimately humbled me. I pray Brawl will level the playing field a little!


God damnit, Dan! Your new job has got to go! I can't live without, at least, one weekly update to OHP. I know you're makin' moneys now, but you have to take your readers (and their suicidal tendencies) into account for your actions! I demand you quit, and pay more attention to us!

I am happy you are still updating once a week! I drew a popular web comic for 2 years and it drove me insane trying to get a comic done every day. I did it somehow but I have so much free time it hardly compares to someone who has a job (And from the sounds of it a fun job) I can't imagine trying to get a comic of OHP's art standard done every week.

I'd be happy with one big comic every month if that's easier. I've been reading since Julian dressed up as a Woman. And as long as the comic keeps going I'll keep reading!

And voting I vote every day. Without fail. I just made it my homepage. EAsy. Done. BAM! voted.

This is EASILY my favorite comic of all time. You're art is so easy on the eyes. So smooth and 3D.

I love their legs in this comic! Just wanna grab em an... hur.

Ignore that fool GD-kun. I, for one, am just happy that you're still devoting a slice of your life to produce and share OHP with us. You asserted that despite the new job that you'd endeavor to keep the story updated on a weekly basis. That's good enough for me (and I hope for all the other fans too.)

Today is Hump Day, so "hump" HMoR and here's to heading into the weekend!

P.S. Um... is it me or did the girl's legs gain a little weight last chapter due to that hi-calorie foo-foo French meal? Poor Rika's look sort of like Nerf bats in high heels... ^_^

P.P.S. Don't worry about the voting. I have a DSL line with a dynamic IP address. If need be, I'll just reboot the modem a few times a day (to get a new IP address) and keep voting over at BuzzComics. Those PC Weenies aren't the only folks who know that trick... ^__^

Harsh Mirror: Let's get one thing straight, here. You don't know me, so don't act like you do. I don't need to explain myself, but since I'm feeling charitable this morning, here's how it is. The fact that I use my news updates to talk about games does not indicate that I'm goofing off rather than working on the comic. I work at a company that makes games. It's what I do for a living. Outside of work, I game very little. If doing what I can to keep OHP weekly makes me 'wishy-washy', then I guess there's just no pleasing some people.

Whoa, watch out, internet dicks be lurkin'.

Aside from that- aww, someone beat me to mentioning the change purse! Now, the question is, does that change purse have Earth Money in it, or some other form of currency? Or, maybe, you know, a big purple dick.

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow (or 11:59pm Sunday evening.)

LoL! Dropped right into the 40s and the daily count is a smidge over 500 where it was near or over 1000 just 2 weeks ago. I wonder if fans/folks are trying to give you a (not so) subtle hint with a little floatable voting of their own in response to your wishy-washy, if-I-can-drag-myself-away-from-my-gaming-addiction release schedule.

Wow, I've gotten a lot of pageviews because of this. Thanks, GD!

Also, I'd bet $20 that the thing Pepito has between her legs is the aforementioned change purse, providing money for something...

Aw, now I'm groovin' to the Katamari OST. All your fault.

having floatable deadlines can be good and bad, it sometimes lets you get your art to a better level by taking just one more day to do it, but it can also lull your brain into thinking "meh, I'll just do it tomorrow, who'll notice, I have time". This I know from experience working on various projects of high and/or low importance.

go me, and you too I guess


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