The Indestructible Drop.


I have apparently overestimated my ability to maintain a comic-making schedule with this new job. However, I did finish a page, so here it is. I think I've figured out which days I can use to concentrate on the comic from here on out, but we're gonna have to play it by ear.

You've done a man's job, readers (girls, please feel free to substitute "woman"), even with last week's update hiccup! OHP is still in a holding pattern in the mid-thirties. Thanks for voting!

The other day I posted a rough version of a new Like Magic page as a little something to tide y'all over. That can still be found here. Totally safe for work, honest! Around the time that I switched resolutions for OHP, I also decided to see how LM would look with the same facelift. These two characters were just about to make their debut when the comic died, so hopefully it will eventually rise from the ashes, like some sort of smut phoenix.

I did a few new oekaki the last couple of weeks. The first one, which you most likely saw last week, was of Rika and Ruby, and oddly enough was not porn! The second one was most definitely porn, however, and happens to feature Sheila and her tail.


xinorez: You say I'll have to sacrifice like I haven't been doing it for 5 years!

I'm working up in the city in Sega's legal compliance department now. I'm not at liberty to say which titles I'm currently working on (full disclosure once they ship, natch), but I will say that one of them is actually pretty awesome. It makes work feel a lot less less like work, I'll tell you that. Unlike at EA, my coworkers at Sega seem to really enjoy their jobs and take gaming pretty seriously. At my former job, it felt like most of my peers were generally indifferent to video games and were only really showing up for the paycheck. I no longer dread waking up in the morning!

The internet at large appears to share your sentiment on the two most recent oekaki. If OHP has taught us anything, though, it should be that I have a predisposition to boyish girls and girlish boys.

ahh... i really should check that my reflections are complete before posting. one final note and i'll shut up: somehow, i found the 'not porn' oekaki more arousing than the 'obviously porn' one. love the pose and the expressions on 1941. possible theories on why i can't get into the pronish one include that the figure on the right has somewhat of a boyish frame (huge tits notwithstanding). i'll shut up now.

just another side note i forgot to add at the last moment; as with most creative side pursuits, you'll actually have to sacrifice (as in not going out or pushing aside other side activities) or plan to set aside time for creating to get those three to four hours which will flow by like water. i think such would be a more successful strategy than hoping fate will allow for ample time or 'extra time (lol, doesn't exist)' for creating... which is what i tend to do sometimes by error.

lol, i was wondering when rika would use the 'but i'm married to one of you!' statement in commenting on the d'bos' sometimes criminal behavior. much love and luls.

can't wait for the next page -and though i hold very little power here -negligible... unnoticeable. immeasurably small. tiny to the point that mentioning it affords far more power to it than it actually holds... -i will hold you to your promise for continued updates and be very annoyed if you leave us again -though i will undoubtedly forgive and understand and won't forget... speaking of which, i'm still rather amazed that i decided to check back on ohp the very week you resumed posting new strips. just a useless little side note but i still find it rather gratifying that fate or chance worked in my favor -and many others as i recall. here's to the continued health of this strip -and to your health as well!

-and just because i'm a nosy asshole and no one else has asked yet, please tell us about your new job gd!


Babbit: Fear not, I won't let another indefinite hiatus happen. I was at kind of a weird point in my life in 2006, exacerbated by a succession of crises, and feeling pretty unhappy all the time as a result. Fortunately, that's behind me now.

But like the last time, I'm having trouble using the free time I've got to work on comics. I'm a creature of habit and I tend to work better when I can sit and work on something for an extended period of time (3 or 4 solid hours being ideal). Having an hour here and an hour there these days is throwing me for another loop. But that's the real world for you, I guess!

Till I figure it out, the updating is probably going to continue to be all over the place for a little while. But I will keep updating.

...And things go from bad to worse. The worst part is the fact that the restaurant now has all of their information from the purse, and they're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money in the freezing cold of night.


Interesting... Tuesday morning and not a single comment, even over the weekend. You know, I think the majority of us are quietly voting as sort of a talisman against repetitive disaster, GD-kun.

Frankly, it wasn't all that long ago that the last announcement of gainful employment led to 9 months of us agonizing over the fate of Julian and whether the Energizer Bunny batteries in his ray gun would hold up. We're still agonizing as to whether Pinky eventually kicks his tail or not (I'm thinking not, but then again, I'm not the plot writer.) All we can hope for (with bated voting breath) is that this time around, Our Home Planet merits much more after-work attention than your game console(s).

I truly believe that if you could manage to release twice a week, you'd be in the Top 10-15 in no time flat, I'd be wearing one of those spiffy OHP t-shirts, and Josh Lesnick would swing by to wave his Eyeball of Artistic Insight over the entire proceedings (of course he'll be more than fashionably late in doing so, but that's his fault.) Rock on, stay on schedule, and don't lose the momentum, eh?

Remember, on this side of the screen, we live for those Friday updates... ^_^

Best regards!

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