A Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction.


It's true, my tablet pen died. But despite it all, I was able to cobble together Episode 215. You never really know how reliant you've become on technology until that technology suddenly stops working! Unfortunately for Rika, this tablet disaster has only prolonged the sense of panic and discomfort setting in as she's reminded that she may have inadvertently married into a family of lunatics.

If you've tried posting (unsuccessfully) to Fearsome this week, it's now working properly again. The current version of Wacintaki and the new version of PHP apparently had a difference of opinion on the whole saving people's drawings thing, but they've since shaken hands and made up. Word on the street's that it's Porn Month over there... but, wait, when isn't it?

The reading list to your right (if you're reading this exciting entry from the site rather than the feed) has been updated with a bunch of new webcomics. All of them are awesome, but don't take my word for it! Become hooked.

Oh my GOD Ninja Gaiden is hard. I can't even tell if I'm going the right way half the time!


I forgot to say: The new Oekaki is great!

Excellent! Climbing from 226 to 124 in less than 3 days. To paraphrase the movie, "If you remind them, they will vote..." ^_^

Now all you have to do is straighten out the info at BuzzComix that still says you're updating on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays and any linage stuff.

I made the voting thing my home page I will vote everyday.

I love the last panel.

Zefiel: It looked a little too busy to me, but I'll play around with it and see if I change my mind. The current eyes are pretty much the same except rotated and missing the iris color.

Babbit: Nah, she's still there. She's sitting to Rika's left, so she's just not pictured on this page (though she's the one who chimed in about the rule number in panel 5). With Zukie doing most of the talking, I took the easy route and just didn't draw Pepito.

Actually, thanks for reminding me about the voting button. I removed it a long time ago when I was converting my news system over to Moveable Type, and apparently forgot about putting it back!

I've got two t-shirt designs that I'm sketching out, though I've been sitting on them. I'll get back to that.

Umm... so the leap of faith this time is that Pepito toddled off to the ladies room between the end of ch214 and the beginning of ch215, eh?

BTW, it might appear a little self-serving (who cares) but have you ever considered moving the BuzzComix vote button up from the bottom where no one ever sees it to between the date line and the navigation buttons?

We had you going in the 180s there for a while, but lately you dropped into the 2nd decade. Am I the only one voting on a daily basis and what ever happened to the T-shirt idea?

Me'thinks someone needs to drop by your place and smack your game machine with one of those big Donkey Kong mallets... ^_^

Woah! why'd you change the Eye, GD? It was interesting! And it provided a visual emphasis on the scene. I demand we get a link to an alternate version or something. X3

Oh no! The EYE! Rika better think fast! Or hope that the truth will set her free from something besides her mortal coil.

Ah, my tablet is only 4x3, but even so, if it died, I'd miss it. Hope yours comes back to life soon. Thanks for the effort on the comic!

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