Like a Frog Who Never Knows the Jacuzzi's Getting Hotter.


Episode 216 has arrived! With a little encouragement, Rika finally gives in and tells Pepito what she's been dying to hear. All it took was three days and a little violence!

Folks, I'm gonna go ahead and announce that I'm switching updates to Fridays. I'm not having nearly as much time to draw on the weekends as I used to, and with my tablet pen still out of commission, I've been needing the extra days the last couple of weeks anyway. So keep coming back on Fridays, okay? My short hair is still here.

A new oekaki has been posted. As is generally the case, it's not work-safe. What a shock!

In closing, I'd like to thank you voters for voting! After spending months and months (and months) in toplist purgatory, OHP has finally reemerged into the Top 100! A new month is right around the corner, but if you keep voting every day, we can keep climbing the charts!


So, wait. You're updating on Fridays now? What was it before? I need to read the blog more often. I totally missed when the updates changed from Fridays.

Stub-a-dub will never die!

love the new oekaki.

I LOVE THIS COMIC! Been voting everyday is no problem.

Hey! You ran a poll once and asked us what we wanted to see Julian wearing and women's clothing won. Why didn't you do it?

What happened to Pepito's cast? :o Was she healed with the power of LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE?

Yea! In the 80's and climbing...
Now don't forget to edit Wednesday to Friday over at BuzzComix.
BTW, check your Inbox for the graphic I sent you too... ^_^
Enjoy the weekend, mina-san!

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