Hi, Brad. I've Just Come to Tell You How Fabulous I Am.


And now, for the thing I know many of you have probably been waiting for since the comic went on hiatus last year: the D'bos are back in Episode 214. Longest dinner ever, right? Real time don't mean nothin' in Comic World, sucka!

Also, Pepito's mutant healing factor has now been corrected.

This week I watched Aachi & Ssipak, which is a frenetically animated Korean sci-fi gem. The character designs are wonderfully quirky, and the art style incredibly fluid; if you're not shy about some naughty themes and scatological humor, it's great fun! Also, on the subject of awesome animation (with a rather moving story that lots of folks should be able to identify with), you definitely wouldn't want to miss Mind Game. The less said about it, the better. If you haven't seen it, do. I can't recommend it enough.

Is anybody else excited about Odin Sphere? It looks completely gorgeous! There's hope for 2D gaming yet!


Nah not the slot in the stand, the slot in the top of the tablet (if applicable, not all of them have the pen slot, I know my old one didn't) It just has something to do with the proximity of the tablet and the pen. The slot in the tablet is just supposed to be used for short periods of time for transportation, not for long-term storage. I think if you keep the pen too close to the tablet it makes them unhappy.

I would generally carry my tablet in my bag wherever I went during classes, with the pen perpetually snapped into the top of the tablet unless I was using it. Thus how the problem developed for me! And of course, in the middle of finals, too :)

That's exactly the problem I'm having, actually. Unfortunately, the spring mechanism in the shaft wouldn't reset itself, so I ended up sending it in to Wacom for repair/replacement. And now, I play the waiting game...

Are they making the slot too shallow now? Both of my old tablets have pen stands with only a slot, and they've always been fine.

GD, is the problem with your tablet pen that it acts like it's always pressed down? That can happen if you leave it in the pen slot instead of the stand - just pull out the pen nib and let it sit overnight, and it should fix itself.

If that's not your problem, then I'm sorry! I'd suggest contacting the wacom people - they have great customer service :) Good luck! I know how much it sucks to have your tablet poop out on you :(

GD is a miserable pile of secrets?

I am but a man.

Ahh, damnit! I knew I forgot something in the last panel. That'll be fixed later today.

Posted by GD [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 9, 2007 12:31 PM

Hm....two days later.....still not fixed. GD, quit playing your video games and pander to us readers!

Wow.. I'm lucky... my first time reading this comic and it comes beck after a year long break =]

GAH! pepito is so cute...

Ahh, damnit! I knew I forgot something in the last panel. That'll be fixed later today.

If real-world time means nothing in comic time, then how did Pepito's finger suddenly heal? And who took off her cast? :3

I have this mental image of the people from the recent pop-tarts ads shouting, "craaazy long!"

How long have the D'bo's been gone from OHP?


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