I Know How to Transform (I'm a Transformer).


Once again it's GO TIME in OHP Land, so here's Episode 205! Mai discovers what most other races have known about the Moloki body for eons: its tolerance for alcohol is legendary. Unfortunately, Ruby is not currently in a sharing mood. Uh oh!

I'm drawing new comic pages for something I haven't touched in four years. It feels... awesome. More on that soon, hopefully.

This is a short news post because I'm exhausted. Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas for possible t-shirt designs last week! If y'all have any more rattling around in the old Think Tank, leave a comment and let me know!


Yay for alternate text!

Hmmm... How about...A Picture of The D'bo Sisters , making rather hungry faces. And below is captioned " You look delicious "...

I think it'd be funny, though, tha's just my oppinion.

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