Could Ya Hand Me that Shotgun, Buddy (Also, that Chair)?


Oh my goodness, this is Episode 200! Two hundreds pages of comics, folks. I know that as far as webcomix go, that's generally not terribly impressive... but damn, does it make me feel good. We fell just short before the hiatus, and times seemed grim... but now I feel like the cosmic order of things has ultimately been righted.

There's a new gift to celebrate! Red Number Nine made a super cute pic of Anya and Pinky (Pinky might now have the Fastest Fanart for a New Character award!) to commemorate OHP's return. Thanks again!

Fantastic things are happening in fighting anime these days! Did you know that there's a new series of Fist of the North Star movies coming out? Each one centers around a different character in the FOTNS universe, and they seem to jump around the entire storyline... the first one, featuring everybody's favorite renegade asshole martial artist with aspirations of world domination, just recently hit stores in Japan... and has been fansubbed over here. Also, trailers have been posted... for a new JoJo movie, based on the first series! You know you want to see Zepelli punch a rock through a frog. Check the Special section for Awesome.

That's all the exciting news I have for now. Until next time!


Ahhh! Pinky was so cute.. and now she just freaks me the hell out.

Scorch, I dunno buddy, I don't really agree with you. I've followed this comic for years now, and the style has only improved as far as I can see. I guess it's a matter of taste when it comes to the storyline, for me personally these last strips just makes me want the comic to update twice weekly instead of once. Less detail? Uh, no there's not. =/ GD, congrats on 200 strips! I was surprised, somehow it feels like the comic is a lot longer. Rock on.

The last panel for example, and I'm only comparing it to your other art, looks rushed. It just has the look of being minimalistic. No backgrounds, that is the pinkest garbage disposal I've ever seen, Anya looks a little strange, like there is less detail and this pink thing.. I don't know, it's hard to explain, it's like she doesn't fit in art style with the rest.

But again, I'm only comparing it to your other arts, I'm not an expert artist myself. Also, I hope you will switch back to Rika/Pepito/Zukee at the restaurant. Longest dinner ever!

Er, how do you mean? I've been experimenting with some different facial shapes over the last several pages, but otherwise, the style hasn't really changed.

That's awesome! 200 episodes. I bow to you, your art is great, the story is good. But..holy hell, what happened? The art in this one looks like it was drawn by a one handed monkey on drugs....and alcohole...and alcoholic drugs... I would name a specific panel..but it's all not there...

Still, keep up the good work, and armchair artists like me will continue to critique!

Congratulations on reaching this arbitrary numerical millstone. Sorry, milestone. Here's to the next 2000.

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