Hahah! Noses on Dowels.


Hello again! I've got Episode 197 for you right here.

I'll be making my annual trip to the Moscone Center later today for MacWorld. It hasn't been very good in recent years in terms of crazy swag, but it's always a decent way to kill half a day and occasionally buy toys for slight discounts. Plus, I get to play hooky from work, which is always good.

Dead Rising continues to be super fun. But GOODNESS is that text tiny. It sucks when game developers make HD games that don't play nice with standard TVs. Not all of us can afford HDTVs, guys! Give us a break.

That's all for now. I'll be updating the site with some things I did last year that I never got around to uploading.


Spoilers for Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken abound!

This totally reminds me of Shin versus Kenshiro at Southern Cross. Now all Julian needs to do is flip out, make his muscles grow large enough to rip his shirt off completely, and open up a can of Hokuto Shinken whoopass on Ghunnman.


Fast forward to 3:10 if you're the impatient type.

For some reason, Ghunnman looks REALLY creepy in that first frame.
I likey.

Oh God! Not the HAIR!

Tee hee, "You shot my HAIR!!"
I agree with the tiny text, my mate was playing "need for speed carbon" on his wii this afternoon, and I WAS SQUINTING LIKE A SQUINTY THING. miniature writing. tut.

YEAH! New oekaki please.

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