I've Covered Wars, You Know.


Incoming Episode 198! Those of you reading for the chicks will be glad to see who's back.

The art section has been updated. Nothing new, but the wallpapers can now be found in one convenient place. I recently found one of my sketchbooks from college with a bunch of random cartoons for some project I was doing. I'll do some scanning this week.

My mood and general sense of well-being have both improved since I started up the comic again. For better or worse, I guess that means I'm in this cartooning thing for the long haul. Working at EA is still driving me nuts, but this keeps me sane. Actually, no. Not sane, happy. To hell with sane, that shit's for the birds.


Wonderful, absolutely wonderful to see the comic back up, running, and the artist happy.

As for EA games...Hmm, that's an interesting choice. I hope you do well.

xinorez, Zefiel:

It's a mixed bag. While it's nice being connected to the video game industry, EA doesn't treat their contractors very nicely. It's not a particularly inspiring work environment, sadly, and I'm actively seeking employment elsewhere. It feels like the kind of place where creative people are put out to pasture, because almost all of my coworkers are in the same boat I'm in: college grad with an art background, looking for a way into the creative side of the industry. And when some of these people stick around Quality Assurance for three, and then four, and then five years, you know they're not going anywhere else. I really don't want to get stuck in that rut.

On the other hand, there are definitely worse jobs out there.

I saw your comics and your drawings improved so much~

anya is so cute...

out of curiosity, when you say EA, do you mean 'ea games' as in electronic arts? major kudos if that's the case.

You are working at EA now? awesome! What's that like?

REALLY glad the comic is seemingly back on track and makin' you happy. That's what doing art is all about.

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