We Were Laughing at a Pigeon.


Hello again, internet! I'll admit, this week's page doesn't really say one way or the other what the D'bos are... but it answers a few questions as to what they're not! Oh, I am such a TEASE.

There were a bunch of cool gifts the last couple of weeks! Thanks again to lavalizard, Gabo, and Rapps for a wonderful combination of cute, sexy, and awesome. You guys rock!

This week I'm hoping to knock off a couple more of those tarot cards. It's slow-going, but they really are turning out well. I'm exceedingly happy with them, which tends to be rare with me, being the perfectionist type.

We seem to have hit a lull in good video gaming, again. These droughts are becoming more and more frequent, I've noticed... I'm starting to wonder if this is a bad sign for console gaming, or if I'm just turning into an old man. We really need a new Smash Bros. right now, at any rate, and Little Mac had better be in it.

Okay, maybe I really just want a new Punch-Out game.


Hey i'm back although i've been here for every update i havent posted in a long while. so anyway its an intresting direction your taking since i've been wondering about there species myself. don't cop out now. PEace

Someone less sober indeed!
Get out the vodka, Rika is in no need of coherate thinking right now! Not when she refuses to be flashed by two hot aliens! D:

Oh my, the suspense :)

love the third panel btw.

You mean, video games come out at times other than the eight weeks before Christmas? o_O;

I'm not sure I want to know any definite answers as Rika's discomfort and the twins' reactions are great fun!
I'm liking this new art method very much. I may not have noticed the difference if you hadn't said anything, but now I'm thinking there's a little more bounce and energy in this comic than I've seen in a while. (Or maybe it's just my imagination.)
The twins should always update us on underwear status by the way.

Ive been puzzling this out all week! The suspense!

And yes, more smash bros. You can make kirby goth coloured on the old one i discovered!

And the new colouring is tip top sir.


I have nothing new to say this time, apart from you're really being very punctual with these comics now. Maybe soon you'll be able to make MORE THAN ONE COMIC A WEEK? :DDDD???

That'd be worthy of much celebration and bad dancing.

Oh, the intrigue! I never thought a discussion about female alien sexual organs could be so suspensful. Truly, gd-kun is a master.

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