Hey Sandy! Does Your Dog Bite?


Hey now! How's that! This resolution switch really is working out fantastically. Not only do I have enough time in the week to do a comic, but I also have time to do other things, as well! I feel like a new man. As for the comic... let the speculation begin! All your perverse questions will probably be answered in the next episode. Maybe.

I'm supplementing myself with income from odd jobs, but I really need to find a real one soon. Being broke kinda sucks!

Holy wow, mail sure piles up fast. Back to the front lines for me! I'll hopefully be finishing off the last of the backlog this week. Those of you who've written in, thanks for being patient!


"You know what I mean? Yeah, you know what I mean."


that's really weird. the mp3 almost clearly says "don't you talk back".

wait, dvds? where?!?#$%

Believe it or not, the subtitles on the DVDs said that the lyrics were "Does your dog bite?"!

"hey sandy, don't you talk back, hey sandy"

Yes. This is my favorite thing ever.


Yes, this comic turned out great. Love it.

I Loved This One.xD
It reminds me of girls bravo in the explanation though. c:
Only less fanservice.
*Heads to oekaki section*

Squids and jellyfish reproduce through a specific tentacle on their body, and K'bab has that finger-related mating ritual, I'm just thinking that had to come from SOMEWHERE... It would work sexually too.

Okay, no more crazy theories. I'llshutupnow.

There is a type of Lizard that are genetically female, but do become temporarily hermaphorditic to reproduce

Cloning? Articial insemination via genetic restructuring? All in all, reproductive miracles seem far more tame than some of the other things the poor gal's been subjected to. Heck, us primitive Earthlings aren't that far away from perfecting cloning compared to, say, manned deep-space travel. =)

So pleased to hear that the resolution switch is working out, GD. Much

There is a slight difference, not in quality but in the way it's done, but I didn't even really notice until now. I think it looks great! :)

zomg, on time update! Hell is slightly chilly!

Dude. Polaris.

I love them.

Her face expression is just priceless :-))

Great to hear your plan has worked. A less-stressed GD is better for everybody.

Quite the curious species you've invented. So how're you going to explain this one? Psychic impregnation? More or different lady bits?

Why am I asking this? You already know and I can wait a week. Or a couple weeks if you switch over to another ongoing plot. Either way I am sure my patience will be rewarded.

You comic artists are great wonders of nature. :3

"What about it?" O_O

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