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I was gonna wait until Tuesday to update, but I figure that the current update pattern is already so irregular that there's really no sense in waiting. So hey, Sunday update! You may notice that the comic looks a bit different this week. This latest page was produced in about half the time that it normally takes me, which I think is as good a reason as any to make the switch. I'm still feeling my way around making a comic at print rez, and I'm most likely gonna have to switch fonts again (because Chinacat is definitely not cutting it as a screen font, even though it looks great in print The font's now been swapped.), but the whole process has suddenly become a lot more enjoyable. Refreshing, even!

I've also given the site a complete overhaul, utilizing the MoveableType engine to a much greater degree. Before, I was barely scratching the surface with it and was essentially just using it for the front page... but now, the news archives use it as their backbone. One of the neat things about this that you can now search the news archives for keywords (like "oekaki") and other things. Not that I say anything particularly interesting most of the time, but hey. That's technology for you. I've also fixed a long-standing issue with links from the news archives turning up 404s. All that's left to do is get comic syndication into the RSS feed automatically every week, and we're SET.

I'm still crazy behind on mail, so I'm gonna get back to that. Hope y'all enjoy the new look!


Its human, if something is changed you start *looking* for change, and thus, find it. Usually its things you havent noticed before cause you werent looking, and your mind attributes this "new" thing to the change.

For instance, they changed the quality of the jpg images of merchandise where I work without anyone noticing. But when we did another change later people started complaining about the poor quality jpg's. It had been like that for ages by then but noone noticed until they started looking for the change.

If you hadnt mentioned the change in resolution few people would have noticed at all. Its looking good, kudos.

nothing is wrong with panel #2. it's SD-style, people. it gets used for comically-exaggerated expressions. durr.

I totally don't get whats so bad about panel two o.o;

Not bad, you can really tell the style differences, but it's okay. Except panel 2, that has to go. Keep up the good work gd-kun.

Thanks, all! I will file this one under "approved".

Though, I'm curious about this observation about the second panel. You'll have to fill me in on that one.

damn, i must be the only one who prefers the old style -but i understand why that had to go (although i am surprised that the 'pixellating' takes so much time). that said, i think the font is a smidge small and really needs to be 'cleaner' (solid black and white is the best imho). it's kinda distracting to have to focus in to read the text and it seems like you needlessly shrunk the font.

my favorite panel is #3 :p keep up the awesomeness and good fortune to you and such!

To be honest the difference isn't really too prominent. Obviously there is fuzz around the outlines, as to be expected from a resize but I see no compromise in style or qualit yand I think I like this better than before. Whatever works for you, mate!

New style looks fantastic! Yeah, except for panel 2. But the rest looks great! You even managed to (somewhat) maintain an allusion in the style to the low-rez look of your original style. Keep it up! (chinacat looks fine to me, btw o-o)

That is the sexiest first frame I have seen. Excuse me for a few minutes.

Yay! I was looking forward to see the new style. And I'm so happy you changed the font together with the style. I can't imagine a pixel font without a pixel style.

I didn't know you could get syndication into the RSS feed automatically. Please do reveal the secret if you manage to do it!

Alright... This may just be my lack of observational skills... But if I hadn't read so much about the change, I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all.

The second panel... It does look a bit off, but that's not really a big deal to me. I'm not bugged by it or anything.

Wow, this is georgeous. That first panel just blew me away, everything looks so smooth. The change in font was a bit jarring, but it looks and feels good with how rounded the rest of the comic is. I'm crossing my fingers for more than one comic a week.

As an aside, I wish the alt text for the comics would carry over to the archive.

Looks great, I don't think you had any reason to worry about people disliking it.
Although now you can't call it a lo-rez webcomic.

The new style looks great. I can't wait for more updates like this. :D

It seems we're all in agreement. The new style is liked and welcome!

The new look is fabulous GD!

The new art looks fine. And anything to create more updates is great in my book.

WOW-- I *really* like the new style. Definitely gives off a more 'professional' or smoothed out feel to me; and if it's half the drawing time for you, I for one can't see any reason not to keep it up. ^_^

Even without the pixels, the character design hasn't been marred at all. I looks exactly the same to me, just minus the jaggies. I will admit the second panel's expression does look a bit weird smoothed out. /applaud nice transition..

well i think it looks awesome. keep up the great work, yo.

When I saw panel 2, I was a bit worried you had compromised your style as well as presentation. But the rest seems to look just great! I look forward to regular updates. : 3

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