My Name is a Killing Word.


Greetings this week come from the surface of Planet Earth, where we resume our story with Mai and Ruby, who seem to have differing opinions on the whole having-sex-using-someone-else's-body thing. I can't even tell you how many times this debate comes up in my daily life.

I've started up an OHP Frappr! group, which is a neat little thing based on Google Local that shows where people all over the world with similar interests are located. Add yourself to the map, and watch it grow!

Early warning: I am moving back to the Bay Area this coming weekend, so all bets are off for when the next comic will be posted. I'll keep you updated as usual, but I am anticipating having a complete lack of free time for anything other than packing and driving (if my previous moves were any indication). Gonna try to get a big chunk of the next comic done before the weekend, but we'll see!


Ha your from the land down under~ so your money has little kangaroo's on it and stuff with "Gudday mite" written on it ..Yeah!

late as usuall, but i still wanted yo say happy birthday to you!
there i did it

I'm so new here I've never seen an update. I hope to see more of this fantastic work in the future!

Oh, and happy "You came out of your mother's vagina some number of years ago" day.


Neato, happy B-day ^^ Mine's on the nineteenth, so that's kinda cool. W00t for OHP!! I've been reading it for like a few months now and I love it! Yay Julian ^^0

yeah Girly needs a major upgrade. so i don't get it GD moved to the outback? with those kagaroo things and people in short shorts runnign around going "A"mate! Is tat a woggit'y willo-bugga then?" Criky!"

Happy birthday duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

Happy pre-birthday gift. :3 I'll have it more or less done by the time your B-day rolls around..

Wow! Im really sad it took me THIS long to find this great comic! :D
Anyhow Its great.Your style is unique and has fan-service and yuri themes. Something i dont get to see much of other than in Girly.
Well keep up the good work! Ill be checking back for updates.^_^

Funny i tought your mom was a killing word...

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