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First splash page in a while, since the holidays are always busy for me. OH GOD, one-and-a-half more weeks and I'm finally done. This comic has seen me through my college years. Is that weird?

Hey, I drew another thing! This one features Pepito, boobs, and a hunk of ambiguous meat. YUM! I've been on an oekaki kick lately, I'm hoping to keep doing one a week for a while. I keep forgetting how fun they are!

I've really been getting the itch to start Like Magic up again. I know I've said that about a billion times since I stopped, but I've actually been thinking about it a lot lately. New story arcs keep popping into my head, and I'd like to give it another whirl now that my skills as an AR-TEEST have improved a bit since I started it. Once I move back north in December, I think I'm going to give it a go at least until I find a job.

I've been working on this silly academic project on and off for a few weeks, which I'll most likely post here upon completion so you can see what's been competing for my attention lately. It's a bit unusual for me, since the assignment is heavy on the political side (and I'm not a very political person), but it has eels and cowboy boots in it, so you might enjoy it regardless. Eels are cute because they always look both angry and surprised.


Hey, I just started reading this comic the other day, I've g2 say, its pretty interresting, its funny, romantic, and really, REALLY bizzar, but thats just what makes it it, I love the comics, and, I was goinna write the maker of it, but I can't IM things sometimes >

Eel expressions remind me of Beavis in Cornholio-mode.

Hey, this comic saw me through my college years too.
Lasted longer than my girlfriend, actually.


the OHP theme song...

What would you do if were Emperor Shaddam the VI?
But what would you do if you weren’t really a man-o-?
(Come with me, and I tell you a tail of Pepito and her friends,
one that never really seems to end.
P… P..E..P..I..T… Pepito’s the name.
She has a comic book and, our home planet happens to be the name.
P… P..E..P..I..T..O… That’s need to know.
It’s time to cut the chat and go on with the show.
So doki-doki –please click and n’ come n’ visit me sometime!~

So what do GD's want to see more? I have 5 New oekaki's to donate but will only give 1 a week out~ so Fans and GD who do you wanna see naked more? Ruby- The prof. from the last comic- pepito who i do so well- rika& pep/ -or GD himself... Em not naked. . just a NOD camo on that...So what will it be? Aladar the Avatar waits.....

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